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Billy’s Best Films of 2015

In a year that feels to have passed by within the blink of an eye, we have been incredibly lucky when it came to what was on offer throughout 2015. … Continue reading

March 2, 2016 · 1 Comment

OSCAR Predictions 2016

2015 was a strange year in film and it shows in the nominees list for The Oscars. For example, this year, unlike others, the list of films in the running for … Continue reading

February 28, 2016 · Leave a comment

Worst Posters of 2015

When a film is sold on its promotional material, it seems as if most interests fell to material such as trailers and TV spots for these five eyesores. For these … Continue reading

January 5, 2016 · Leave a comment

Best Posters of 2015

Meticulousness, inventiveness and artistry: three factors one must consider and appreciate when observing some of the most marvellous movie posters of the year. Some of the artworks to emerge from … Continue reading

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Star Wars Episode VII Trailer Review

We are closing in on the 17th of December as every hour passes. We all know what this means, Pope Francis’ 79th birthday celebrations are getting closer and closer! Personally, … Continue reading

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Spectre’s New Theme – My Thoughts

Smith’s “Writing’s On The Wall” A Reminder Of Adele’s Quality… An iconic feature of James Bond films is undoubtedly the opening credits. Stylistic, sleek and visually stunning, the openings to various 007 … Continue reading

September 25, 2015 · Leave a comment

Avoiding Spoilers: An Impossible Task.

SPOILER ALERT! I was sitting with my younger cousin the other day. While discussing films in general, they mentioned their concerns regarding “spoiler etiquette” (see above image). After getting over … Continue reading

June 26, 2015 · 6 Comments

The Martian – An Interstellar Spin-Off?

Christopher Nolan’s space epic ”Interstellar” proved to be 2014’s most divisive film by a galactic stretch. The mind-bending thriller starring Matthew McConaughey and Jessica Chastain dealt with discovery, survival and … Continue reading

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The New Joker!

Today we got the first glimpse of Jared Leto’s take on DC’s iconic villain “The Joker”. The well-known nemesis to Batman, Joker has arguably become the most discussed and recognised … Continue reading

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Trailers! Trailers Everywhere!

On the way home from university I notice under a railway bridge some promotional concert tour posters. The musicians in question consist of AC/DC, Kiss and Jimmy Barnes. Have I … Continue reading

April 21, 2015 · 6 Comments