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The Boss – 2016

boss0005★ 1/2

Release: 2016

Directed By: Ben Falcone

Written By: Ben Falcone, Steve Mallroy

Produced By: Melissa McCarthy, Ben Falcone, Will Ferrell

Starring: Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Bell, Peter Dinklage

Running Time:  99 Minutes

Yet Another Miss For McCarthy.

In the sport of soccer, the worst possible statistic for a striker to receive is considerably large amount of minutes without scoring a goal. There are those who are regular sharp-shooters, never disappointing with their consistency and accuracy, whilst there are also those of a high-profile status that let fans down week after week who simply aren’t worth a fraction of their gratuitous paycheques.
Unfortunately for Melissa McCarthy, she is the metaphorical misfiring striker in this situation, and the extensive total of scoreless minutes apply to her level of humour. As it stands, her statistics aren’t looking good, seeing as it has spanned across several films since the last joke landed and had any sort of impact – which, for the record, is a lot of minutes.

Yes, there have been films that may have generated a chuckle, maybe even something louder, but they sure didn’t come from her character. Rather than scoring an easy tap -in goal every now and then, it seems McCarthy is content with not even making an attempt to begin with. Instead, she’s happy pumping out trashy, nepotistic films by the hour with her husband Ben Falcone behind the camera and writing desk (who is equally at fault).
And speaking of minutes, their latest outing, The Boss, is nothing we haven’t seen before, so thankfully with a somewhat merciful runtime of 99 minutes, it plays out like a regular match of soccer with some extra time added on for McCarthy to let fans down a few more times before the final whistle blows.
That being said, the film is 99 minutes too long to begin with…
McCarthy plays yet another highly unlikeable leading lady, whose “look at me and all the stupid scenarios I find myself in”-attitude is once again tolerable for all of thirty seconds, at best.
This time playing successful business tycoon Michelle Darnell, McCarthy delivers a performance that is reliant on awful slapstick humour and the occasional dose of alluding the audience to her weight.
Playing alongside McCarthy’s Darnell is Claire, her personal assistant played by Kristen Bell, who does everything she possibly can to let the audience know she really doesn’t want to be there; awkwardly enduring each scene with an ever so slight grimace on her face.
And as far as a plot is concerned, The Boss is a scattered mess of redemption, character arks and girl-scout brownies featuring a deplorable Peter Dinklage who, like Bell, looks as if he has far better things to be doing.

The Oscar-nominated McCarthy (yes, you read that correctly) appeals to some audiences, and there are even those who see her as one of the funniest on-screen talents working today. There have certainly been instances where she has been a standout performer, however it has only been when she is relegated to a supporting role that contrasts a far more interesting lead. McCarthy as a leading lady simply doesn’t work, or least it doesn’t work when her husband has anything to do with it.

The Boss is yet another “comedy” that catastrophically misses the mark and has no sense of depth or substance whatsoever. Flat, boring and irritable characters fill a space for just under a hundred minutes, only to parade around, cursing, touching each other’s breasts and galavanting around on stage with T-Pain.
In summary, the plot of The Boss is as deep as the efforts on display from McCarthy’s supporting cast members – irritatingly shallow.



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