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Worst Posters of 2015

PosterWhen a film is sold on its promotional material, it seems as if most interests fell to material such as trailers and TV spots for these five eyesores.
For these five films, someone, somewhere has somehow created these abominable posters in the attempt to promote a particular film. What is more shocking than the posters themselves is the fact that someone gave all five of these the green light.
When you think about the millions upon millions of dollars pumped in to the promotional campaign for a film, particularly ones as colossal as a couple on this list, it makes you wonder what went wrong and who lost their job at the end of it all.

Here are the five worst movie posters of the year. Shield your eyes.

#1 – Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2


It is mind-boggling to think that this made it to print. HOW?!
Firstly, the fact that this is a sequel is blasphemy and secondly, every single element of this poster looks like a first draft on Microsoft Paint at best.
Kevin James is not a drawcard for audiences, neither is the Paul Blart franchise (if you want to even give it the satisfaction with such a label). Set in Vegas and undoubtedly intent on producing some of the immensely unfunny antics of the first, there is simply nothing appealing about this poster.

Look at his expression. Even James doesn’t want to be there, and apparently he accepts any role nowadays. He looks cut and pasted in with no fine detailing being applied around his body, resulting in a stark contrast in colour and exposure between him and the background – seriously poor work.
Lastly, what on earth could he be hanging from?
There are no vantage points that high, unless he’s propelling between two helicopters, which quite frankly sounds like it would be out of the film’s budget.

#2 – Pan


Another effort that looks as if it has come no further in the creative process than the first draft. Unrefined, unblended and off-putting, the poster for Pan does everything for the audience apart from boost their excitement to see the film.
With Hugh Jackman’s Blackbeard providing nothing but an ugly bald cranium in the foreground and some confused, awkward statues of his co-stars behind him, this poster really does not work in the slightest.

Lastly, the Dutch tilt disrupts the image quite a lot, adding to the awkwardness and basic nature of the piece. A film that was critically panned (pardon the pun), the marketing team appear to have tried their very best to make light of a pretty ordinary situation – they failed.

#3 – The Man From U.N.C.L.E.


What was sold as a classic throwback to the British espionage era of yesteryear and was supposedly in keeping with the tone of the series from which it is based, Guy Ritchie’s latest outing did not get off to the best of starts with this fluro coloured nightmare.
Bold and lively, the colours pop very well, however the edges of the images seem too rough and unpolished.

In what feels like a poorly copy and pasted collage of images off google, the poster for The Man From U.N.C.L.E. does not sell the film as a classy, sexy British crime comedy in the slightest.
The faded face in the background doesn’t fit with the already-scattered style established in the foreground, resulting in addition depth of mediocrity which could ultimately be one of the major factors regarding the film’s critical failure.

#4 – Jurassic World


With an astronomical budget and an inevitably immeasurable profit waiting for it following worldwide release, the least the designers could have done to please audiences is give them something appealing to look at.
This poster for Jurassic World offers absolutely nothing of value, only some terrible C.G.I. and an overall sense of blandness and sterility.

Where the original Jurassic Park poster scaled it back and possessed a greater sense of threat through the dinosaur skeleton and plain black background, Jurassic World does the right thing and gives us the updated skeleton, however everything else fails to capture a sliver of the essence of the original.
The designers failed to realise that less was more for this product and with the limitless funding being pumped into the advertising campaign for the film, to produce rubbish such as this is offensive.

#5 – The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2


Lastly comes a poster that I actually really liked when I first laid eyes on it.
Simplistic but bold and engaging, the stripped-back poster for the final instalment of The Hunger Games franchise sparks interest and says so much about what lies ahead.
The eye catching red suit of the resistance leader Katnis with a strong and proud posture alludes to something great and rebellious. The entire saga has been building up to this moment and perhaps, just perhaps, this can conclude powerfully and even go on to justify the first instalment being so slow.
We see the new-look Miss Everdeen finally becoming the leader she was destined to become. We think that she shall march towards The Capitol, poised and ready to fight with her fearsome new red suit. The thought of this gets us all a little bit excited and ready to see how it all unfolds.


Honestly! This is the biggest false tease since promising that Part 1 had more action than that one shot we saw in the trailer. The Hunger Games has thus proven how to go out infamously and forgettably.
This ultra-promising poster is just the icing on the miserable cake and secures a spot on the worst posters of 2015, purely because it promises something new and exciting and gives us absolutely nothing. Not good enough.



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