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Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief – 2015

mmt901-flatpack★ 1/2

Release: 2015

Directed By: Alex Gibney

Produced By: Alex Gibney, Lawrence Wright, Kristen Vaurio

Written By: Alex Gibney

Starring: Lawrence Wright, Mark Rathbun, Monique Rathbun

Running Time: 120 Minutes

Scientology Study is the Scariest Film of 2015.

Manipulation, indoctrination and control; Scientology has been the subject of intrigue for millions of people across the globe in light of rumoured exercises and practices taking place behind closed doors in the name of religion.
Just when you thought Hollywood was a crazy enough world, L. Ron Hubbord’s maniacal religious scam was established; poisoning the minds of thousands and thousands of vulnerable people seeking a better existence as a result.
An expository documentary that ventures deep into the world of the controversial church, Going Clear sheds light on not only the rumours of the cult, but exposes even scarier truths about “The Prison of Belief”.

Directed by renowned documentarian Alex Gibney, his award-winning picture allows those who have experienced years of grief, manipulation and unease to speak out about the deceptive, cruel goings on that, for some, have lead to bankruptcy, loss of innocence and insanity.
Scientology; a mind-boggling organisation many of us feel to be nothing more than a joke is exposed for what it truly is in Going Clear.
Sadly, it is not a joke and it has ruined the lives of thousands and thousands of people, most of whom don’t even know it yet.

madman_blog_feature_going_clearHearing shocking stories about recruitment strategies, financial demands, quality of life, physical abuse and the process of conversion is truly fascinating, especially when it’s from those who fell victim and ultimately drank the Kool-Aid.
How does one allow themselves to cross over to the other side and believe the unbelievable? To think the unthinkable? To speak the unspeakable? The documentary explores and explains these anomalies both in-depth and without hesitation. 

Throughout the 120-minute runtime, one finds themselves fixated to the screen; jaw-dropped in utter disbelief. How a man such as L. Ron Hubbord was able to rise to become this God-like, tax-evading figure is extraordinary, but what is worse is that people to this day continue to take his scripture as gospel.
The origins of the religion stem back to his days of writing science-fiction literature and self-help books, which would ultimately combine to form the very first stages of the religion.
The evil overlord Xenu and the origins of our world are then presented, which to be honest sounds rather exciting! Nevertheless, the obscenity of every facet within the organisation is simply unparalleled, adding immense fascination to the stranger than fiction story.

international-scientology-event-2009-david-miscavigeAlthough the utter madness of the exposed facts perplexes and amazes, there is an unsettling and rather unnerving undercurrent within the picture.
The idea of a group that exercises mass deception and influence is something scary, and to think that this type of propaganda and even coercion is alive within a certified religion doesn’t sit right.
Going Clear is an important documentary thats provides much needed answers about the religion that supposedly provides them.
The very nature of a documentary is to explore a story that is strange, unique and fascinating; this is absolutely no exception. Not only does the subject lend itself to the medium, the truth is so strange, it almost begs to be made into a gripping feature thriller.

So before you sign the enticing billion-year contract that lies before you and spend $250,000 to find truth, see how you feel after watching Going Clear.
You may come out the other side with a much needed perspective on the situation… 


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