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The Green Inferno – 2015


Release: 2015

Directed By: Eli Roth

Produced By: Eli Roth

Written By: Eli Roth, Guillermo Amoedo

Starring: Lorenza Izzo, Ariel Levy, Aaron Burns

Running Time: 100 Minutes

The Wrath Of Roth Continues, With Some Fava Beans And A Nice Chianti.

Director Eli Roth is definitely a man with a niche audience. Anybody that takes pleasure in watching one of his films should be taken away from society for good. They should be locked away until they come to their senses and don’t get spontaneous urges to gruesomely mutilate every stranger that walks past them.
Making a name for himself as a slasher/torture aficionado, Roth has produced some of the most grotesque, shocking affairs put to mainstream screens.
The Green Inferno is nothing new, except it is without a doubt his most controversial picture to date. A terribly uninteresting, unappealing and unfulfilled affair, The Green Inferno shows little signs of appealing to anybody, except perhaps the aforementioned psychopathic niche of Roth-followers…

A group of young activists venture to The Amazon to protest against a gas company knocking down trees that are also the habitat for a neocolonial cannibalistic tribe. On their way out of the forest via air travel, the group’s plane crash lands in an unknown location and the group soon find themselves tranquillised and at the mercy of said tribe.

Screen Shot 2015-10-24 at 2.06.05 amTo put a long story short, the tribespeople devour a bunch of the group in barbaric, grotesque fashion and it makes for some really unpleasant viewing. The story revolves around the group’s escape and doesn’t amount to much more at all.
The Green Inferno is pointless, to put it bluntly. There is no reason to watch it, there is no reason to talk about it, just forget it even exists and get on with your lives.

Sure, this film has sparked controversy with Roth’s disputes with certain parties over his depiction of voluntarily isolated tribes, however that was always to be expected; every film will spur a group a naysayers to retaliate and attempt to boycott the film, except most of the time you’re not rooting for them to actually get what they want…

The makeup of the tribespeople is impressive, I guess. Although the trailer made them out to be vicious beasts with no remorse and animalistic tendencies, a lot of the film simply shows them standing around, cheering or laughing after smoking a victim who has previously been stuffed full of cannabis (no, I’m not lying, that is actually one of the group’s escape strategies).
That is nowhere near as ludicrous as the decision by one character to touch themselves whilst in a cage full of fellow victims to “overcome stress” or something like that. The fact that somebody green lit that decision is so outrageous, it’s almost criminal.

GreenInfernoT3Eli Roth must be a very angry man. His films are without point or substance for that matter, they are purely designed to shock audiences and make them feel a high level of discomfort.
The Green Inferno is classified as a horror picture: be sure to know that it is definitely not a scary picture at all, in fact the majority of the time you’d find yourself squeamish or amused at the terrible dialogue and the acting to match. You wouldn’t recommend this film on your worst enemy; it’s an hour and forty minutes you’ll never see again.

There are far more interesting, entertaining and fulfilling activities you could do in that time, like count the amount of hairs on the back of your hand, perhaps even see how long you could stare at a brick wall for, or even throw gravel up along a gravel driveway and try and find the exact piece of gravel again…whatever it is, stay away from this gargantuan pile of absolute nothingness.

P.S, the boy from Spy Kids has grown up and become a main character in the film…make of that what you will.


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