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Kung Fury – 2015

Kung_Fury_PosterThey say for a cult film to be properly classified as a cult film, it cannot know that it’s a cult film. Going on this criteria, “Kung Fury” cannot call itself a cult film, but then again, this film embraces its self-awareness, exaggeration and ridiculousness to such an extent, it can be whatever the heck it wants!

Created with the generous backing of the general public, “Kung Fury” is the highly satirical 30-minute epic we’ve been craving. The story is as follows: A Kung-Fu master who voyages back in time with the intent of killing Adolf Hitler, sound good? Of course it does!
Made for a measly $630,000 (US), “Kung Fury” is everything you could possibly ask for in 30 minutes. Nothing is off limits in this 80’s satirical romp; from evil dictators, Norse Gods and a triceratops policeman, this is the dose of self-aware stupidity you needed!

maxresdefault (1)Writer, director, producer, star and everything else, David Sandberg plays heroic Kung-Fu master Kung Fury, a cop-turned-renegade on the greatest mission of all time. Inhabiting a world where crime runs rampant, Kung Fury keeps a relatively tight grip on activities.
Much like Clint Eastwood’s ‘The Man With No Name’, Sandberg’s Kung Fury appears to embody numerous characteristics of the iconic character and modernise them within the enigmatic, yet, on-the-nose martial arts master.

“Kung Fury” is full of glitz, neon, one-liners, testosterone and over-the-top action sequences that are impossible not to enjoy. Throwing back to the period in which this ludicrousness was somewhat normal, the film extends the old-fashioned tropes of the era and redefines them in a very appealing way.
The cherry on top of the delicious cake that was “Kung Fury” comes in the form of David Hasselhoff. Not only is there a sizeable “Knight Rider” homage, ‘The Hoff’ concludes the film with “True Survivor”, an epic tune indicative of the film’s themes, tone and incredible success.

kung-fury-the-craziest-kung-fu-movie-ever-made-is-online-to-watch-now1The best qualities about “Kung Fury” are the special effects and choreography. Not only are the fight sequences a blast to watch, the underpinning nostalgic VHS aesthetic is the cherry atop the cake that is “Kung Fury”.

Knocking up 15Million+ hits on YouTube, “Kung Fury” is definitely worth your while. Asking a mere half an hour of your time, this will prove to invigorate a new form of “clever” independent satirical films.
If you’ve been on the lookout for a short film that has Hitler, laser breathing dinosaurs, arcades, Viking warriors, Gods, cars, guns, hacking, martial arts, time travel, synthesisers and David Hasselhoff, look no further!



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