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Wild Tales – 2014

Wild-Tales-onesheetWhat do a hijacked plane, an enraged driver, an insane cook, an explosives specialist, an immoral lawyer and a chaotic wedding have in common?
Although it sounds like the foundation for possibly the greatest action film of all time, the Spanish-Argentinian anthological black comedy “Wild Tales” (“Relatos Salvajes”- original title) takes the aforementioned ingredients and explores them separately in six chapter-like shorts, all connected by the underlying theme of redemption.

“Wild Tales” is not just an OSCAR-nominated picture from 2014, the film directed by Damián Szifrón is also the second film this year to receive a roaring applause from the audience.
It tells six separate stories that all seem too ridiculous, too absurd, too insane, too chaotic and too ludicrous to believe, but possess something darkly relatable all the same…

Screen Shot 2015-06-05 at 12.17.51 pmStarring Darío Grandinetti, María Marull, Mónica Villa, Rita Cortese, Ricardo Darín, Leonardo Sbaraglia as well as several others, “Wild Tales” is a an absolute riot from start to finish, six times over! Each story manages to show a new facet of the shared animalistic tendencies that we as a human race keep bottled up as best we can.
We’ve all had our moments of rage, of insanity, but there are those instances where we simply snap and see red. Whether we’re battling the DMV or letting our road rage succumb to violent scrimmage, there are those moments where we’re simply pushed too far.

Not all six tales are completely sound. The way in which each tale is written establishes a solid setup and a unique set of characters within a believable world. The hardest part to execute is the conclusion of a story and sadly there are a couple that don’t quite resolve their ambitious openings.

wild_tales_1The strongest stories involve the aforementioned explosives specialist battling the DMV over a parking infringement, two enraged drivers on a desert highway, and the opening story involving a discussion on a plane. All are written exceptionally well and offer an escalating range of discomfort for the audience.

“Wild Tales” is the dose of black comedy that we as an audience needed. Be prepared to laugh, splutter, gasp and yelp as your taken well out of your comfort zone and then taken a little further. “Wild Tales” was thoroughly deserving of its Academy Award nomination as well as its several other award wins and it’s definitely one to seek out, if you’re wild enough to handle it.




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