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Blind Devotion – 2015

maxresdefaultHeartbreaking stories of a crippling illness, disease or condition tend to lend themselves all too well to the silver screen. With more examples springing to mind than I can put on a single hand, it’s interesting to see the issue tackled from within the world of the short film as opposed to feature length pictures. 

“Blind Devotion” tells the story of a happy and loved-up couple who are routined and successful in their daily lives. Cecilia (Mei Melançon) narrates the picture, or at least the first half, and explains the couple’s routine in a way that truly expresses her happiness. 

However after she discovers she’s going blind, the couple’s world gets turned upside down and a dramatic shift in tone takes over the picture. 

Russell Curry’s husband character takes control of the narration duties and the audience now hear his side of the story. Seeing his wife struggle to continue with her life but persist given the circumstances shows him that he has a chance to truly appreciate how lucky he is.
The husband goes out of his way to express his undying love and support for Cecilia, and the film’s heartfelt conclusion is something rather beautiful to watch. 

It’s shot very well and the editing is very impressive. I liked the narrated element to the picture and the performances were touching. The topic at hand however has opened my eyes to just how difficult it is to make an audience care for the characters and explore a long, significant journey in such a small amount of time.
“Blind Devotion” achieves this to an extent, yet it seems that certain elements come in to the picture all too suddenly. 

That being said, “Blind Devotion” is a very well made short film that is worth a watch. It packs an emotional punch, however there is a lot to take from it. Looking at unity, love, conflict and overcoming obstacles, “Blind Devotion” is one that fits a lot of elements into a confined timeframe.
If you have a spare 10 minutes, check it out for yourself. 


Watch it here:

Thanks to Emily Ryan for the Recommendation


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