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Big Hero 6 – 2015

big-hero-6-poster-baymax-hi-resDisney have proven they can survive on their own in the wonderful world of 3D digital animation. Their latest picture, “Big Hero 6” is one that has been surrounded by some Oscar buzz, but does it live up to the hype? In a year where nothing substantial was released out of the animated cinematic universe, there are a few pictures that could rival a film such as this.
All snubbing and controversy surrounding “The Lego Movie” aside, this looks to be the front-runner for ‘Best Animated Picture’, and I’m fully aware that within a months time, this initial paragraph will be outdated and obsolete.
Either way, I personally don’t think it should win the gold, but since when has personal opinion counted in the grand scheme of Award season? 

Hiro (voiced by Ryan Potter), our protagonist, is an intellectual prodigy who is charismatic and incredibly bright. He’s got a creative mind and a keen interest in the illegal sport of robot fighting. Involved in a large tragedy, Hiro becomes in control of Baymax, a fluffy, marshmallow-like robot who is just so adorable that you wanna pick him up and dunk him your coffee!

BIG HERO 6Sorry… Baymax is a helper-bot designed to attend to any human need and is programmable to take on different modes – much like the interchangeable voice box robot from 2005’s “Robots”. Hiro, with his ultra-creative mind, invents a revolutionary tool called microbots, and they immediately grab the attention of well renowned inventors and academics alike. It’s only after Hiro’s microbots fall into the wrong hands, that things begin to get dark, creepy and a little bit strange. Nevertheless, what follows is vastly entertaining and fun for everybody!

As mentioned earlier however, “Big Hero 6” is not the perfect animation that should win Oscar gold. It’s not without it’s flaws, that’s for sure. A combination of numerous action and superhero film storylines already, there is a portion of the film, about halfway through, which sees Hiro riding a flying Baymax (after attaching a superhero-like metallic shell of armour to the both them) which is indetical to 2014’s “How to Train Your Dragon 2”, a fellow competitor in the Oscars race!
Sure, it’s a modernised setting and storyline, but the similar elements of invention, control and literally flying around together, experiencing new features of the ‘beast’ are exactly the same!

big-hero-six-e1415145924663What was surprising to find out is that “Big Hero 6” is actually a picture based off a Marvel product of the same name. Having watched the film and learned of this fun fact doesn’t surprise me as much now that I reflect upon it.
It has an “Avengers” vibe about it, and you’ll see this after the primary assemblage of characters. The characters themselves are diverse and well explored, offering heavily watchable chemistry with an investable task at hand.
The fictional city in which the film is set is called San Fransokyo (A San Francisco/Tokyo hybrid), but a certain character’s choice to pronounce certain words with a Japanese accent doesn’t seem necessary, especially when none of the others do anything similar.
Picking out minor distractions won’t influence an audience’s desire to see the film, and apart from the accent and a really annoying inspirational theme song, “Big Hero 6” is a pretty solid flick.

big-hero-6-image-cast“So what does deserve the Oscar for ‘Best Animated Picture, Billy?” Well, obviously it’s the shockingly snubbed “Lego Movie”, however even after the frontrunner has been left out, “How to Train Your Dragon 2” is still a better quality film, so much so that this one even took a scene directly out of it!

“Big Hero 6” was exactly what you’d expect from a Disney animation piece. The story is coherent and intelligent, the animation is incredibly realistic (it just keeps getting better) and the character relationships are full of substance and really take the audience on a journey of their own.
This is a lot of fun for the whole family, but I personally don’t rate it as highly as not only other Disney animations, but fellow animated pictures from the same year. 



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