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Moon – 2009

1182345_bigHaving recently seen “Interstellar”, it is confirmed in my mind that $165million does not immediately equal a perfect space drama/adventure film.
Dealing with similar issues of global extinction (but actually finding a resourceful alternative), 2009’s “Moon” shows that there are only a few things you need to make a solid space drama.
You’ll need $5million (industry chump change), a cleverly written screenplay, an expert editor at the helm, and of course, the endlessly gifted and highly underrated Sam Rockwell providing the lead role(s).

Set, of course, on the Moon, the film of the same name is a character study above all else that dissects themes of loneliness, isolation, duality and identity. Alone on a mission, protagonist Sam Bell (Rockwell) encounters someone like he’s never encountered someone before.
moon-sam-rockwell-dominique-mcelligott-38The (quote iMDB) ‘quintessentially personal encounter’ is an in depth and marvellous plot point that explores not only the circumstances of Bell, but the character himself, as well as those closest to him back on Earth.
With a major supporting role from an omniscient machine interface voiced by Kevin Spacey, “Moon” is a space drama/sci-fi picture like no other, but at the same time, it sources a lot of inspiration from the past. 

Sam Rockwell is arguably the most underrated actor on Planet Earth. His talents are world class to say the least, and when he matches it with the elite on screen, he often out does them.
In one of the better ‘monologue’ performances put to screen, “Moon” highlights Rockwell’s talents in spectacular fashion and proves that he is something special. 

Moon-Sam-Rockwell-Dominique-McElligott-09With the barrel scrapings of a budget at play, “Moon” is not a CGI revolution in the world of cinema like “Interstellar” is being hailed as.
However, it does extremely well given it’s financial constraints to present a believable and realistic exterior space atmosphere as well as gloomy, confining interiors that extend the belief that events are actually occurring elsewhere. 

Rockwell cannot be praised enough for his efforts in “Moon”. It is a masterclass performance that is mind-bending and emotionally driven to perfection.
This is one of the better sci-fi dramas from the past 5 years and is definitely worth a view. It’s not as extreme as “Gravity”, not as gargantuan as “Interstellar” and nowhere near as whacky as “2001”, however there are elements to be found from each within “Moon”, as well as other past examples of duality and identity.
I think it’s fair to say director Duncan Jones’ forthcoming “Warcraft” will be a little more straightforward in 2 years time. Nevertheless, he is capable of greatness – we’ve seen it.


Recommended By Seamus Gleeson & Noémie Passelande


5 comments on “Moon – 2009

  1. Noémie
    November 27, 2014

    I thought I recommended this one too :p

    That is what I call a good space movie. No need to be as visually impressive as Interstellar as long as the actor(s) are good and the plot is great! I gave the same grade 🙂

    • wmsteele
      November 27, 2014

      Actually yeah! I think you did. My sincere apologies haha!
      I agree, and im glad you and I are on the same page!

  2. Seamus Gleeson
    November 27, 2014

    Great review kiddo. I’m very glad you liked it. Sam Rockwell is a god amongst men, I’m a big old fan of his

  3. CMrok93
    November 27, 2014

    Good review Billy. Rockwell was great in this and totally deserved a nomination. But oh well.

    • wmsteele
      November 27, 2014

      Hey thanks a lot! Appreciate the feedback.
      Yeah it’s a shame he doesn’t receive the recognition he deserves, but I’m hopeful that day will come!

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