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Drive Re-Scored?!

tumblr_mf7fne9xAD1qcp3nwo1_500Something was brought to my attention a few weeks ago and it made me very nervous and unsettled. There was news of a re-scoring for “Drive”, a film I thoroughly love predominantly for it’s slick soundtrack alone.
Not only is the collaboration of songs just a genius mix to begin with, it works so perfectly and fluently when accompanying the stylised, mysterious imagery. What are my thoughts on the decision to re-score “Drive”? Well, at first I was in utter disbelief, but then curiosity began to set in. 

Re-scoring a film is something very rare. It’s been done before, but on very few instances. A film score, whether it’s original or a collaboration of previously released tracks is cherry-picked and ordered to provide the best possible musical accompaniment to a scene or sequence within a film.
It seems odd to completely change that up as it would give a completely new perspective on the experience overall. But is that a bad thing? In some ways yes, but again, not really. 

tribute-to-drive_02I would be intrigued to see, rather, listen to how “Drive” plays out with the new songs attached. For me, the underlying similarity between songs from the original soundtrack were the depressive elements attached. The mellow, dark synth-pop list was superb; a song like College/Electric Youth’s “A Real Hero” is such a sad and affecting tune that just fits so well for a film such as “Drive”, it wouldn’t be the same without it, it’s an essential character study tune that sums up The Driver brilliantly.
Moreover, “Nightcall”, the opener by Kavinsky is one of the coolest songs I’ve heard in the last few years. Sure, the deep vocals need some warming to, but my goodness, that is one of the best opening sequence tunes in a long long time!

The ambitious BBC Radio 1 re-score, under the direction of Zane Lowe features artists such as CHVRCHES, Banks, Bastille, Bring Me The Horizon, Foals, SBTRKT, Jon Hopkins, The 1975 and even Eric Prydz, as well as a lot more.
Having listened to the new soundtrack I can say that it doesn’t have the same magic as the original. It could work, but it’s a not a revelation of any sorts. I am yet to see it accompany the film, so the overall viewing experience cannot be fully dissected and discussed just yet. Curiosity is still lingering…

animation-tribute-to-drive-by-tombruno-2From what I have heard, the reception has been mixed but mostly on the negative side. It was expected to be just that – with such an excellent original score to begin with, there doesn’t seem to be a need to adjust it at all. Above all however, it has highlighted the sheer importance of a score with a film and just how much power it possesses.
We look at the ‘classic’ soundtracks from our time and we think of “Trainspotting”, “Submarine”, “ Easy Rider”, “Guardians of The Galaxy”, “The Graduate”, “Pulp Fiction” and even “A Hard Day’s Night” and we understand the cruciality of every song within the film. Each song perfectly sidekicks the imagery and adds a completely new element to the narrative.
The same could be said for “Drive’s” new score, I’ll just have to wait and see for myself. I do have my doubts though…


One comment on “Drive Re-Scored?!

  1. Noémie
    November 27, 2014

    Come on…For Once we have cool French music on a famous movie (kevin’s is huge here now)…haha
    I didnt know about that re-score but I know there is one scene in the movie with a different music on the original version and on the French version. No idea why!

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