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“Toy Wars” – The Agony and the Ecstasy

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 6.39.49 pmIt has been a week of both promising and Saddening news.
The announcement of the latest “Star Wars” title has generated a lot of buzz, particularly in the world of enthusiasts, whilst the more upsetting news comes in the form of an announcement for a sequel, more importantly, an unwanted one.
“Toy Story 4” has officially been announced and it has been met with harsh backlash from already satisfied fans, content with how the third instalment wrapped everything up in a nice little bundle. 

Not being a fan of “Star Wars” myself, the news of the seventh film having a title actually isn’t all that exciting; but again, I am excited for the fans who have been eagerly waiting for any news relating to the forthcoming J.J. Abrams picture. The title of “The Force Awakens” is quite a solid one too!
Disagreeing with the announcement of an entirely new trilogy completely, I can’t help but take a negative, if not, neutral stance on everything “Star Wars”. I do like how the original cast are returning, even if they are having to be taken out of the nursing home. One has to ask the question however, “do they have it in them?’.
I love Harrison Ford, he is a superb actor with an abundance of remarkable performances under his belt, however it appears in recent times that although he is capable to put out a solid performance, he doesn’t seem to have the drive anymore.
There has always been a “frustrated” element in his characters, but it seems that now, the frustration is getting the better of him, predominantly due to his age.
As for the rest of the returning cast, Mark Hamill will once again slip into his Jedi suit and attempt to sling a light sabre as fluently as his former self, whilst Carry Fisher will test her post-addiction detox body out as Leia after an extensively “interesting” post-Leia career…

It’s happening, it’s coming soon and it’s either going to start something new or completely bury the franchise once and for all. Whatever the outcome is of “Star Wars”, one thing can remain certain; Hollywood is running out of ideas, and fast!

It’s nothing new, we saw it with “Rocky 6”, “Indiana Jones 4”, “Die Hard 5” and even “The Matrix 3” for that matter; Hollywood just doesn’t know when to stop.
Sequels are often bad news, especially when the returning cast has almost doubled in age, if not more. It’s the world we live in sadly – we have to face the facts.

But now, the worst announcement of all. “Toy Story 4”, a title I heard was being prodded at, but never being officially announced. I was content in believing such a film would ever be made, especially given how well the third film concluded.
After “Toy Story 3”, (the best of them all in my opinion), finished, I thought to myself “That’s it. It’s all done”. Well it appears I was wrong. We can look forward to seeing our favourite animated characters returning, as well as John Lasseter, however, it doesn’t have the same amount of (sorry), ‘buzz’ about it this time around. Where will the story go from here?
Surely Andy needs to play a pivotal role; but he’s all grown up and separated from the toys. Unless he quits college, returns home and steals the toys back from the little girl of whom he gave them to, I don’t see “Toy Story 4” having any chance of being as good as the third film, or the first two for that matter.

toys-on-tourIt’s frustrating, it truly is, but sequels and reboots are so painfully commonplace nowadays, that it just seems that Hollywood will keep churning out one after the other until ‘the perfect’ one is made.
But even then, look at “The Dark Knight”; a film that epitomised Batman like nothing before, and within a few years of Nolan’s trilogy finishing, ‘Batfleck’ is set to hit our screens! Transition periods are getting increasingly smaller, and it’s upsetting beyond compare.
I have faith in Pixar, and I know “Toy Story 4” will impress, but I feel as though it’s unnecessary. An incredible trilogy is all we really wanted.

Enormous announcements have been flooding our news feeds lately, and as a film fanatic, I both can and cannot complain.
If it’s warranted, I’ll get excited, but if it is unnecessary and forced, I’m not as easily sold. I’ve come to accept “Star Wars” and it’s impending dominance of the silver screen, like that of Marvel’s “Phase 3” or DC’s latest slate of forthcoming superhero flicks, but “Toy Story 4” has not settled very well with me, and I really hope it lives up to it’s predecessors; if not, it could put a large dint in such a pioneering, special and proven franchise. 

3 comments on ““Toy Wars” – The Agony and the Ecstasy

  1. Noémie
    November 10, 2014

    \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ I AGREE ABOUT TOY STORY !! WOOT WOOT !!! \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/

    I don’t even know if I will watch it. Too early anyway but…hm…Lasseter speech was quite good though. At least at tiny bit convincing.
    And I don’t trust pixar as much as I used to.

    Then Star Wars…I will probably watch it. Just because “yeah they actually go on with the story and stop messing up with origins !”. For the rest of it…I actually don’t like the title much. I don’t think it will change anything but it probably took them like 2 and a half minute to find it.
    I’m not the biggest Abrams fan either so…wait and see but I am excited about this!

    And yes those sequels of sequels + all the origins movies + all the Marvels + all the future DCs…but maybe because people are still going (and I’m included in many of them)…

  2. wmsteele
    November 10, 2014

    I have faith in humanity once more!!! This is great news noemie!
    Yeah, I can finally say that everything you have written I more or less agree with completely!
    Sure, the title isn’t magnificent, but then again, I couldn’t really care about the whole thing. I’ve seen many diehard fans praise the new title, so it makes me happy that they’re satisfying the ‘true’ fans!

  3. Sokratis Lakrindis
    November 11, 2014

    Pixar has an almost perfect record (Bar Cars 2, but the toy sales forced their hand there) But you cant judge Toy Story 4 until you see it. I agree with the sentiment that the last movie ended it nicely, but that not to say there isn’t room for another development. When the second one was announced, the same was said, as it was with the second.

    There was orignal ‘buzz’ that the story was based on a recall on Buzz toys, and a trip to Japan, but I can safely say that no finished product will hit our screens unless it is perfect! I am sure of that

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