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My Most Anticipated Films of 2014: Part 2

The year of 2014 is drawing to a close and will conclude before we know it.
I have seized the opportunity now to share with you some films that are yet to be released (in Germany at least) that I am eagerly awaiting to see. It is interesting to reflect on my first list that I wrote at the beginning of the year and see what impressed, what disappointed and what is still on the list, still be be released.
There will be a “Year in Review” piece that I will write upon the turn of the filmic year which will analyse my view of 2014 as a whole, and I’m very excited to begin, but I must wait because the best is yet to come, or so I hope.

It’s November now, and there is an incredible list of exciting, mouthwatering pictures on their way. Sadly for me, my current home of Germany is renowned for releasing feature films almost last in the entire world.
For instance, “The Railway Man”, a film I saw in early January, was in fact released officially on Boxing Day, 2013. Germany must wait until the 2nd of April 2015 to see the film… wow!

Nevertheless, there are rare instances when bigger releases such as “Gone Girl” are in fact released a day before America! This is exciting beyond belief, but incredibly rare. Sadly it’s something I just have to live with, and I’ll do my best to not succumb to insanity as a result of impatience and anticipation. 

So, here is an updated list for my most anticipated films for the remainder of the year, enjoy!

birdman-movie-still-e14101900141941 – Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)

Words cannot express my level of excitement for “Birdman”.
From the first moment I saw a poster promoting the picture I was hooked. Then came the trailer, then came the reviews raving about it. Now that  it is beginning to be commercially released and the reviews are piling on, universally praising Alejandro González Iñárritu’s latest picture, I am struggling to get this film off my mind.
It is released in Germany on the 15th of January, the same day as Australia, so I can fortunately take solace in the fact that it’s not being released behind the majority of the world, but the fact remains that I still have to wait 2 months for it.
It is truly killing me! I won’t be able to write my “Top 10” list or my “Year in Review” list without seeing “Birdman” as I will classify it as a 2014 release. 2015, hurry up please!

interstellar2 – Interstellar

This is the one that I can almost taste, it’s so close! Crucial information has been released as of late regarding the masterful Christopher Nolan’s forthcoming epic and it couldn’t be sweeter.
For starters, there have been new trailers, showing new footage that looks nothing short of extraordinary and boosting the hype up tenfold. Trailers that introduce a film in the cinema have blown me away; needless to say the sound for one is in a league of it’s own.
Next come the featurettes and interviews, of which not much has arisen, but from what has been said from cast and crew regarding “Interstellar”, it’s going to be something truly special.
It was then announced that the space voyage epic was nearly 3 hours long. This is sensational news. It means we can buckle up and enjoy nearly 180 minutes of Nolan magic and not feel short changed in the slightest.
The mother of all excitement endusers came from the rating on iMBD though. Films of a certain calibre begin with an unrealistic rating that slowly lowers itself until it finds the proper, average and deserved rating.
For example, “Birdman” was released with a 9.2 which was phenomenal. It has since dropped down to an 8.7, and i’m sure it won’t remain that high; it’ll probably even out at an 8.4/5. “Interstellar” came barging in with an incredible 9.5! That’s unheard of!
Sure, it’s going to drop, no question, but by how much or how little? Only time will tell I guess. November 6th is the big day and I am painfully awaiting this modern day “Space Odyssey”!

K72A3451d.tif3 – Nightcrawler 

Jake Gyllenhaal is one of my favourite actors. His abilities are unlike any other in the industry today. From what I have heard, his efforts in “Nightcrawler” are career best, and for someone like Gyllenhaal to be credited with something like that, makes someone like me very, very excited.
The premise is mouthwatering and the overall look of this twisted, dark thriller ticks all the boxes for a fan such as myself. I cannot wait to see the skinny Gyllenhaal descend into madness and insanity on the big screen once again.
Being a student on a very tight budget, I may need to quote Gyllenhaal and find a way to “make the money to buy a ticket!”
I’ll find a way!

7036ad9a4ffcec7a_FURY-PK-05__DF-05676_.xxxlarge_2x4 – Fury

Or as Zach Gallifinakis calls it; “Furry”, is the latest war epic drama starring Brad Pitt. I’m interested in this film for many reasons, primarily to compare the Pitt character from Aldo Rain from “Inglourious Basterds”.
I know that they’ll be complete opposites of one another, but there is still a hangover of sorts from his Tarantino adventure some 5 years ago that hasn’t fully gone away. I have heard good things about “Fury”, some even great.
The inclusion of Shia LeBouf is interesting for me, given I haven’t seen him in anything recently; the last time I saw him was when he had a paper bag over his head on the red carpet.
This looks dramatic, brutal, harrowing and intense – some core ingredients for a solid war film. Let’s hope the director of “Sabotage” doesn’t disappoint twice in one year…

hr_John_Wick_125 – John Wick

Reeves is back! Critics are raving about “John Wick”; a picture that I would usually avoid. To me, the trailer for “John Wick” looked relatively impressive; it has solid action, good structure and fantastic neon colours from a nightclub scene.
I thought to myself that it couldn’t possibly be like this for the entirety of the film – but reviews that I have seen and read say otherwise. According to many reviewers, this film has gone the extra mile to result in a solid, bonafide action film that is reminiscent of the past classics.
I haven’t seen a gun-slinging, badass action film that correctly understands the action genre in a long while, and from the hype surrounding the film, “John Wick” looks to be that film. Again, it’s a shame I have to wait until next year to see it. 

the-imitation-game-benedict-cumberbatch-26 – The Imitation Game

Maths, science, war and Benedict! This appears to be yet another war-based film on my list that tickles my fancy. War films aren’t my favourite, in fact, I tend to stay away from them.
I don’t handle gritty and harrowing films all that well, but at the same time, I admire and love a well directed epic.
This looks to be a smaller film that is less about violence and warfare, but overcoming the enemy from a technological standpoint. The cast looks great and the story seems very original.
Benedict Cumberbatch is one of the best actors going around today, and to see him star in a role that immediately seems to fit him perfectly will be a brilliant experience! 

maxresdefault7 – Inherent Vice

“There Will Be Blood” is in my top three favourite films of all time. I love absolutely everything about the film and the announcement/trailer about Paul Thomas Anderson’s latest picture “Inherent Vice” has resulted in a lot of anticipation on my part.
This looks like it will take a step back to more of a “Boogie Nights” vibe in terms of the chaos and humour which is something I am looking forward to. The trailer looks fun, explosive and tantalising, plus the cast involved are nothing short of spectacular; Joaquin Phoenix is back for another round following “The Master” which is very pleasing to see.
I don’t know all that much about the film, but the end shot of Josh Brolin’s character ordering food is enough to get me hooked!

Mommy8 – Mommy

Canadian director Xavier Dolan’s forthcoming drama looks interesting. I don’t know anything about the cast, or Dolan for that matter, but the dramatical story and the positive reception makes me very keen to see “Mommy” in mid November. A smaller film that appears to have a lot of heart, “Mommy” could be one of the year’s most surprising pictures – we’ll just have to wait and see. Selected for the Palme d’Or in the main section at Cannes and winner of the Jury Prize, “Mommy” has certainly impressed already – I can’t wait to see what the fuss is all about!

1412350311_bradley-cooper-zoom9 – American Sniper

The trailer for “American Sniper” is chilling, tense and engrossing. Bradley Cooper demonstrates his acting qualities, and personally it has been a credit to Cooper, who has matured significantly following his “Wedding Crashers” days. With the slick black and heavy white titles that exclude colour, the film appears to have not only powerful themes around warfare, but striking imagery to accompany them.
Most war films tend to go hand in hand with story and imagery, but something tells me it could have similar tense moments to “The Hurt Locker”; a film that in a way, was a very unique, documentary-style war film. Clint Eastwood’s directorial career is a bit hit-and-miss for me, this looks to be one of his better efforts, let’s hope so!

The-Hobbit-The-Battle-of-the-Five-Armies-HD-Movie-2014-510 – The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies

Let’s just finish it shall we?! Please?
When the title was changed from “There and Back Again” (a perfect title in my opinion) to “The Battle of Five Armies”, my heart sank even more than it originally did upon hearing “The Hobbit” film became a trilogy. I’m not particularly looking forward to this, but at the same time, I am.
The original trilogy are some of my all time favourite films, but they’re dampened by this prequel trilogy that has tarnished everything good about “The Lord of the Rings”.
Why is it on my list? Because once this is released, we can all channel Frodo Baggins and finally say “It’s over, it’s done.”


2 comments on “My Most Anticipated Films of 2014: Part 2

  1. Noémie
    November 2, 2014

    Birdman is definitely an anticipated movie, but it’s coming in January in Ireland…..And Mommy !! I have no idea when It’ll be out here but I’m so pissed I’m not in France to watch it! I’ve only seen “Tom à la ferme” and the video he made (with the actor from Mommy) for my favourite band but I’ll definitely watch more in the future.

    About the video: The band is very popular and lot of tv channels and politics didn’t know what to do and say about it haha.

    Nightcrawler will be my next tuesday movie and I can’t wait! I’m also waiting for John Wick and Inherent vice. Oh and I’ve seen Fury already. Never heard of the Imitation game so far but looks promising!

    Not interested at all in the Hobbit movie. Didn’t like the first two so…Not much into the Bradley cooper one either.

    And for Interstellar, well I think we talked about it already. I want to watch it, definitely but the anticipation is very different now, after what happened with The Dark Night Rises…

    For me, the most anticipated movie for the end of the year is Whiplash!

    • wmsteele
      November 2, 2014

      Yeah birdman coems out in january in germany too. But I count those january releases as the year before if they were originally released then.

      I cant wait for whiplash either! My friend saw it and absolutely loved it!
      Come to think of it, it should replace the hobbit on my list, but to have that franchise over and done with, it has to remain there haha

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