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Inception – 2010

InceptionPoster3WBHD2010 was the year that brought us “Kick-Ass”, “Shutter Island”, “Black Swan”, “Despicable Me”, “The King’s Speech”, “Toy Story 3”, “How To Train Your Dragon”, “The Social Network” and the penultimate “Harry Potter” chapter, but none compare to the grandiose, modern sci-fi classic from Christopher Nolan that is “Inception” – not only the best film of 2010, but one of the most original films of the past 10 years. Nolan is a powerhouse director, but even that is understating it. His films are bold, big, gripping, interesting, entertaining but above all, they’re indisputably original; “Inception” is no different.

Films focusing on the subconscious mind are nothing we haven’t seen before. The amount of surrealist films that tackle the endless possibilities of the dreamscape are just the beginning when it comes to delving into cinema’s subconscious category.

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 7.52.33 pm

What Christopher Nolan has produced with “Inception” is something like no other.
With the perfect ensemble cast to carry the perplexing narrative along, a faultless script with an equally as powerful score to accompany it and the jaw-dropping visual effects that are simply incomprehensible, “Inception” may very well be one of the best films to be released under the science fiction cinematic genre.

Deciphering the narrative in full requires at least a few viewings, but even though “Inception” has a complicated storyline, it doesn’t mean it is not immensely entertaining. The story focuses on a group of dream experts, qualified to extract information from the minds of unconscious individuals.

Within the subconscious mind, the group of expert extractors, lead by Leonardo DiCaprio’s ‘Cobb’, travel between different ‘levels’ of the mind. Landscapes, inhabitants and overall worlds are created entirely out of nothing purely from various members’ imaginations, which may sound incredible at first, however it can lead to some dire consequences and ramifications.
A particular assignment sees Cobb and his associates attempt the impossible when they travel deeper than ever before and attempt what is called ‘inception’… I’ll leave it there.


If that is not one of the most fascinating, enticing and mouth-watering synopses for a film then I have no idea what is. There is action, drama, suspense, violence, science, surrealism and all round brilliance on show within “Inception” from literally the opening frame.
Science fiction may not be your cup of tea (it certainly isn’t my first preference), but “Inception” is a game changer. If there were to be one film that completely opened your eyes to another world of modern cinematic potential, this would be the film.

What is often discussed most about “Inception” is it’s score. The powerful, thumping horns that evoke threat, ominousness and terror within an audience has sparked endless replicas within film scores that followed. Hans Zimmer’s score is something else; adding endless emotion and grandness to the already gargantuan picture.


Performances are faultless all round. DiCaprio is at his best, once again showing the world his Oscar-worthy talents, whilst Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Tom Hardy, Ellen Page, Ken Watanabe, Marion Cotillard and Cillian Murphy are all magnificent.
It’s clear why Levitt, Murphy, Hardy and Cotillard, as well as Michael Caine have all appeared in Nolan’s recent “Dark Knight” trilogy.

Dreams are something that has always struck a chord as far as a film is concerned. The endlessness of it all mixed with the exploration into the unknown has always had an appealing sense about it.
A film like “Inception” is something that has not only redefined what it is to dream, it has collectively exhibited the greatest features of James Bond, Sigmund Freud and “The Matrix” within 148 minutes.
It is difficult to grasp a thought regarding Christopher Nolan’s inspiration for such an amazingly different picture; all I know is, I hope it continues on well into the future!



4 comments on “Inception – 2010

  1. Noémie
    September 15, 2014

    Good one, very good one actually but…for a change I disagree with something! I don’t think that it is the best movie of that year and I was very disapointed by the last Batman movie so I’m waiting for the next Nolan’s to see if this was just one fail or if it is going to happen more…

    My top movie that year was (took me a while to find it!): 1 – Shutter Island / 2 – Inception / 3 – I love you Phillip Morris / 4 – Social network / 5 – Toy Story 3 / 6 – Kaboom / 7 – Buried / 8 – Mr Nobody / 9 – Kick Ass / 10 – L’arnacoeur

    My top 10 is based on release date and not production date so my top 2011 was: 1: Black Swan
    2: The Fighter
    3: The King’s speech
    4: 127 hours
    5: Drive
    6: Somewhere
    7: Rabbit Hole
    8: Melancholia
    9: X-men First Class
    10: Midnight in Paris

    Anyway good movie, everybody loves it, everybody loves Nolan, but it was not the best for me and I can’t wait to watch Interstellar and see where Nolan is going!

    • wmsteele
      September 15, 2014

      I can definitely see why your list is the way it is!
      Having watched Inception for the fifth time at my dorms on a big screen with massive sound and popcorn, good company etc just made me realise how incredible this really is! I never really understood the enormity of the picture until this latest viewing.

      I think that it’s a credit to a film when upon multiple viewings it can still surprise and amaze you; Inception did just that!

      I agree with the last Batman – it was full of too many plot holes, but I still enjoyed it.
      Interstellar looks awesome! I can’t wait for it!

  2. Noémie
    September 15, 2014

    Haha I saw it 3 times and the 2nd time was in the exact same context! (student residence in Winnipeg, big screen, massive sound…super comfy couches and candies haha).

    But Shutter Island is still the winner for me (fewer things to see but so much more powerful)

    • wmsteele
      September 15, 2014

      I think Shutter Island would’ve taken second place for me, but sadly I knew the twist well before seeing it. Facebook is the worst for these kinds of things 😦
      So yeah, you mention context; I reckon if I didn’t know how it ended, Shutter island would be higher on my list.
      Inception, The Kings Speech and Black Swan are my top 3. Closely followed by Kick-Ass haha

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