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The Top 5 Robin Williams Films

robin-williams-cover-ftr2014 will be remembered amongst other things as the year in which Hollywood lost one of it’s most important and pioneering figures.
The life and career of Robin Williams was nothing short of extraordinary. He was able to do what many aspire to achieve without fault time and time again. He made us laugh and he made us cry. He was truly one of a kind.
The world of comedy and performance is one that is only exhibited to the masses through it’s most outer layer, and the troubled life that William’s lead from behind the curtains sadly proves it for some. It was tragic beyond belief what happened to Williams; he was truly a masterful man in so many ways and he will never be forgotten.
A very special countdown list aims to pay respect and celebrate the illustrious career of Robin Williams, exploring a list of what I believe to be his 5 finest pieces. 

There are of course some honourable mentions to to list before the top 5 begins. Pictures such as “The Birdcage”, “Robots”, “Flubber”, “Awakenings”, “Insomnia”, “One Hour Photo”, “Jamunji” and “What Dreams May Come” did not quite make the final list, but should be watched and appreciated nevertheless. 

But without further ado, here are my Top 5 Robin Williams films:

1 – Good Will Hunting

Without question, this is Williams’ finest piece of acting. Displaying his dramatical talents in flawless fashion, his performance is heartbreaking, emotional and iconic.
It is difficult at points to remember that the man you are watching is a comedic actor by trade – his skills are endless.
The chemistry with star Matt Damon is superb and the character of Sean Maguire appears to be created for Williams and nobody else; he is outstanding, as is the film in general! 


2 – Dead Poets Society

Arguably his most moving picture, William’s performance is greater in “Dead Poets Society” as opposed to “Good Will Hunting” as far as screen time is concerned, but there is something about his Maguire character that just clicks a little more than it does with John Keating.
Having said that, like the film overall, Williams is once again magnificent as he undertakes yet another emotionally driven, heartbreaking story. 

good-morning-vietmnam-robin-williams3 – Good Morning, Vietnam

There was no way that this couldn’t make the top 3. Showcasing Williams’ most famous catchphrase, “Good Morning, Vietnam” is such a unique picture; it focuses on such a minuscule element within the Vietnam War and the gargantuan influence one man had on an entire mass of people from sitting in front of microphone and talking.
Mixing improvisational comedy within gut-wrenching devastation, this one is truly a roller caster ride of everything Williams was known for. 

Mrs. Doubtfire - Das stachelige KindermŠdchen

4 – Ms. Doubtfire

Keeping up with the trend of hard hitting Williams dramas that are increasingly getting more lighthearted, “Ms. Doubtfire” is yet again a mixed bag of the two.
Endearing, saddening and very very funny, the story is entertaining to say the least. With tragic undertones, the film is very clever in distracting the audience from exactly how powerful it is and then hitting them hard at certain points. Young, old, in between, this is a great one for a family night in. 

1408103905531.jpg-620x3495 – Alladin

There couldn’t be a proper celebratory list of Robin Williams without making mention of his exceptional voiced acting works. His most notable and recognised would be his performance as the eccentric, ecstatic and extraordinary Genie.
Characterised to a tee, the character of Genie captures all the idiosyncrasies of Williams’ personality and blows them way out of proportion – something the real life Williams would do if it were possible. 

I hope you enjoyed my list of the best Robin Williams films – he was a very important figure in the entertainment industry and it is more than fair to say that his influence spread even further than that. He appealed to every single demographic and he was  one of the funniest men to have graced the earth. 

Rest in Peace Robin Williams.




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