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Sin City – 2005


The filmic movement known as film noir is one that defined an era in not only cinema, but history. Unique, stylised and sharp, the classics of the era all shared similar attributes that conformed to the film noir recipe, but at the same time, they all had their individual flair.
A cinematic movement that was at it’s prime post-war, a long time has transpired between the glory days and the present day.
The film noir style has remained relevant over the years, with many inspired pictures hitting our screens quite regularly; but a genuine, black & white, gritty, raw, sleek, rugged, ultra-cool, bonafide contemporary noir film has been lacking……until “Sin City” came along.


Based upon the graphic novels of Frank Miller and directed by Robert Rodriguez, “Sin City” tells the numerous stores of various inhabitants of Basin City and their bloody, brutal capers. Stylistic, seductive and slick, “Sin City” takes the major elements of film noir and adds a contemporaneous edge to it all.
The voice overs, the black & white palette, the dinginess, the darkness, the venetian blinds, the smoking and of course, the femme fatals are all included, all with a modern and artistic sheen.

The cast is impressive, with many high-end names making appearances. Names such as Bruce Willis, Jessica Alba, Clive Owen, Benicio Del Toro, Mickey Rourke, Rosario Dawson and Michael Clarke Duncan all produce their best and make the experience that much more engaging.
Noir can be a testing task to undertake for an actor, but then again, it would be no surprise if many jumped at the opportunity to take part in one, especially a picture that pays homage to many of the greats.


Electric, pulsating and all manners of cool, “Sin City” is a prime example of a cinematic ‘neo-noir’ that revitalises the essence of an historic movement in motion picture history. The subtle splashes of colour, the comic-book feel of the novel adaptation and the unique experience in general make for excellent viewing.
The title seems to be slightly off though. Seeing as Mickey Rourke occupies around half of the film alone, it really should be called “Chin City”…



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