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The Class of ’92 – 2013

the-class-of-92-man-unitedWhen we look back and reflect upon eras, dynasties and moments in sporting history, countless examples seem to spring to mind. The majority of these examples would not come close to what was the class of ’92, as far as football is concerned at least. Delving into the lives and careers of six of Manchester United’s greatest ever players is the 2012 documentary of the same name. 

Paul Scholes, Ryan Giggs, Nicky Butt, Gary Neville, Phil Neville and David Beckham; some extremely high profile, recognisable names are what made up this incredible half dozen of skilful, prosperous prodigies. Their stories are unique and special in numerous ways, and what is especially noteworthy about this group of talented youngsters is that they rose up and developed within the same club; a rarity in today’s footballing world. 


With interviews scattered throughout the doco from not only the aforementioned stars but coaches, ex-players such as Eric Cantona and Zinédine Zidane, and other well known faces like Tony Blair and director Danny Boyle, a lot of information is is revealed surrounding the life, culture and development of these lads. It is a fascinating exploration into what would seem to be a surreal world to many young aspiring football champions, and it’s made clear that the life of constant success and superstardom wasn’t always as desirable as it appeared. 

The structure is fantastic; there are countless references to the changes that the city of Manchester was experiencing as well as it’s inhabitants, all bended with football, mate-ship and family oriented discussions. It is clear from what is spoken that these six men truly respected and loved one another. 

Manchester United v Juventus - Gary Neville's Testimonial Match

For Manchester United despisers, “The Class of ’92”could have easily been viewed as a 90-minute celebration of everything about the club; an audacious, arrogant and self-congratualatory piece of red devil propaganda. The truth of the mater is that it’s anything but that. This documentary is honest, believable, genuine and incredibly modest. There is a lot of praise for the stars and the club itself, along with it’s associates, but it is all within good reason – it really is fascinating and highly entertaining viewing. 

These six men have been part of football history. Developed through the youth academy and eventual champions of Europe, the class of ’92 will remain one of the greatest groups of prodigious talents to grace the game. This documentary is a fantastic insight into their incredible journey and is a brilliant way of remembering their immense contribution to the great game. 



Recommended by Jarryd Wells


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