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Sharknado 2: The Second One – 2014


It is difficult to be too critical for a film such as this. From the moment the original “Sharknado” was announced, intrigue and immense confusion ensued.
Sure enough, the latest ‘Asylum’ production (a company that makes poor rip-offs of major blockbusters) has produced something, but nothing new. We expected “Sharknado 2” to literally be a carbon copy of the first catastrophe, and sure enough, here we are.

There are films that possess a ‘cult’ following; a niche market that support a film on an extremely high level, even if it is poorly made or unsuccessful. Films such as “Sharknado” could appear to be cult films, however they are far from it.
The deliberate laziness, the unoriginality of the majority of ‘Asylum’ films and the overall awfulness of the experiences make these films in a league of their own, and it’s not a good thing. Films such as “The Room” and “Clerks.” are classic cult films, for their own reasons.
Sure, a film like “The Room” could be compared to “Sharknado” when looking at production and overall poor quality levels, however “The Room” has a sheen to it, an extra factor: a “so bad, it’s good” variable. “Sharknado” doesn’t have this – it is so bad, it’s bad…


So, what to say about “Sharknado 2: The Second One”….
The short answer is, nothing much. You know what to expect – the tornado full of sharks has returned, and this time there are more.
The graphics are beyond deplorable and the acting isn’t much better. The story is non-existent and the added dramatical subplot simply doesn’t work.
There is no point for this film, it doesn’t achieve anything and the fact that this could make money and draw attention to ‘The Asylum’ is outrageous. Having said that, it is exactly what the producers of this atrocity were expecting.

They weren’t trying to make the next Hollywood masterpiece they weren’t trying to make anything respectable, they were going to make an incredibly sub-par film sequel simply because they could. It is criminal in one sense, but then again, so what?

Sharknado 2: The Second One - 2014

This is arguably the worst film of the year, but it doesn’t deserve to be blasted as much as an “I, Frankenstein”, “Tammy” or “Legend of Hercules”. The aforementioned disasters tried to be something respectable but ended up digging their own grave for numerous reasons. “Sharknado 2″ is in a league of it’s own and should simply be taken for what it is.
It is not entertaining, it is not original and it is cringeworthy for the most part, but it was exactly what we expecteSd from a production such as this.
The third will most likely be hitting our screens within a years time – I can’t wait…



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