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Tammy – 2014

Tammy-2014-Movie-Posters-7It is difficult to say, but “The Legened of Hercules” actually looks appealing after this atrocity. The 4.7/10 in iMDB should have been the warning sign, preparing me for the worst, but only after viewing what has to be the worst comedy of the year, I fully understand the rating. It may even be too generous.

“Tammy” is written by/stars Melissa McCarthy and was directed by husband Ben Falcone. From the outset, forgiveness is not an option for McCarthy, seeing as it was more or less entirely her idea to begin with.
Nepotism in Hollywood is commonplace to an extent, and it can easily backfire. “Tammy” hasn’t just backfired, it has done something much, much worse.
The realisation that Melissa McCarthy has become the most typecast woman in Hollywood has been upsetting and difficult to accept, but all of that compassion and sympathy for her has been flushed away with the incredibly discreditable decision to typecast herself…

still-of-susan-sarandon-and-melissa-mccarthy-in-tammy-(2014)-large-pictureTammy (McCarthy) is a woman who is going through a rough patch in her life. Recently made unemployed and discovering her husband has been unfaithful, poor old Tammy can’t catch a break.
Following what is essentially insult to injury for Tammy, she decides to accompany her alcoholic grandmother Pearl (Susan Sarandon) on a road trip to get away from it all. Along the way, chaos, illegal financial escapades and highly unfunny scenarios ensue, repetitively.
The film is full of scenes that are both cringeworthy at best and far too long.
There are countless examples of scenes that last for 30-60 seconds over the desirable limit and it really kills any chance of humour emerging from what is essentially a bunch of poorly structured predicaments.


Providing some dramatical subplots and moments throughout the film, “Tammy” fails at both being a comedy and a drama.
The dialogue is woeful – the amount of times Tammy says “asshole” is staggering. The story structure is all over the place whilst the ‘love interest’ character of Bobby (Mark Duplass) is such a non-presence, you forget he is there half the time.
This film really doesn’t have much going for it, except for the 90-minute runtime; at least it’s relatively short…

Painfully unfunny and cringeworthy for the most part, “Tammy” has proven to be one of 2014’s most horrendous films. Not laughing once and leaving feeling offended, ashamed, embarrassed and irate, “Tammy” failed to achieve anything it set out to do.
This may be the worst film of the year, I just need to calm myself down to decide.



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