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The Other Woman – 2014


A B-grade actress/wife of a B-Grade director, an actress past her prime, a supermodel and an insulting excuse for a pop star are the four primary female stars in this uplifting feminist tale of redemption… this sounds like a winner…
“The Other Woman” starring Leslie Mann, Cameron Diaz, Kate Upton and Nicki Minaj (yes, I’m serious…) is a film aimed to be a moving and inspiring comedy that makes men out to be faithless, soulless, disgusting pigs.

Before sitting down and attempting to last the 90-minute runtime without throwing something at the screen, “The Other Woman” looked to be a pretty obvious and shallow film.
The premise is simple; a wife of a successful, handsome man discovers that her husband is cheating on her. The ‘mistress’ who is unaware of her lover’s marriage befriends the wife and the two plot against him. It is then revealed that the foul and disloyal husband/fling is seeing yet another girl on the side.


After the truth is established yet again with the third piece of the puzzle, this tenacious and tyrannical trio of angry, betrayed women exact their revenge in the most humiliating ways possible.

A plot such as this suggests that the film will heavily focus on the theme of strength within femininity in comparison to the sickening nature of the animalistic, naive male. It does this in great detail.
Essentially we have three fearsome protagonists that have all been betrayed in some way, and through the unity of their powers, the primary villain, a singular man, faces their wrath.
“The Other Woman” is a comedy; or at least that is what it is advertised as. If a film doesn’t make you laugh once, is it still classified as a comedy?
The film attempts to combine comedic elements through dialogue and slapstick instances, but then it throws in some dramatical elements to try and add tension. Furthermore, it then waists nearly 3 minutes of screen time showing off Kate Upton in slow motion, allowing the audience to get a full understanding of her…personality.


Through the multi-faced structure of the film, “The Other Woman” trips itself up. If it were a comedy; it would be funny (or at least moderately humorous), if it was a drama; it would evoke emotion (or at least succeed slightly).
By attempting to emulate what is essentially a light-hearted, comedic redemption story not too dissimilar to “Kill Bill”, showing strong and collected women take what is theres, it doesn’t end up achieving anything that is commendable in the slightest.
The primary reason why “The Other Woman” trips itself up is simply through hypocrisy. Attempting to be a powerful tale of feminist domination, by showing an extensive slow motion shot of Kate Upton, bikini and all, running down a beach, defeats the purpose entirely.
Who is this supposed female-oriented/targeted film really aimed at?

Ultimately proving to be a scattered mess of various genres and themes and as a result, not becoming any of them, “The Other Woman” was unfunny, underwhelming and unoriginal.
The casting choices were outrageous in some cases, while the comedic elements were simply not there. Trying too hard to be everything and anything, “The Other Woman” was a detriment to itself and was unbearable for the most part.



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