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25 Upcoming Sequels and Reboots That Could Tarnish The Original

Sequels; they dominate our filmic calendar and often prove to be a waste of time, a scam to take our money and a detriment to their successful predecessor.
I have harped on and on about my attitude towards the sequel and how I feel like the future of Hollywood will rely on them to maintain easy financial gain. Whenever I see a sequel being advertised or alluded to within a film, my heart more often than not sinks.
Franchises, reboots and instalments split into 2 parts are commonplace nowadays and it really drives me up the wall.
Money makes the world go round, but the saddest fact about the endless number of forthcoming and current sequels is that it’s obvious that originality has gone out the door in Hollywood, and it’ll only get worse.

Here are 25 sequels, some of which have been confirmed whilst there are merely rumoured about. There are some absolute shockers within the mix, which I truly hope do NOT go ahead.
There are others, most of the list in fact, that have a lot riding on them and, if unsuccessful, could sabotage everything good about the original.

So here they are:

©2013 Disney•Pixar. All Rights Reserved.

1 – Finding Dory

This is most likely the most anticipated Disney Pixar sequel in history. Sure, “Toy Story 3” generated some incredible hysteria and excitement, but with the announcement coming some 3 years before it is set to be released, tension, anticipation and eagerness can only grow with “Dory”.
The title sadly suggests the progression of events, and one can only hope that it doesn’t do a “22 Jump Street” and produce a carbon copy of the original.
Pixar and Disney are smart, they’ll do a fine job. 12 years seems a long time to wait though.



2 – Avatar Sequels

$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $
That pretty much sums up the forthcoming “Avatar” sequels. The original wasn’t that brilliant, and seeing “The Hurt Locker” snatch the OSCAR straight from James Cameron’s hands was brilliant too.
The storyline was as simplistic as ever the first time around, and something tells me that the thoroughness in narrative will probably be pushed aside by the supposed ‘revolutionary’ technological features to be included, such as 72fps…..why?!



3 – Bad Boys 3

It was only recently that I realised that Michael Bay directed “Bad Boys 1” and “2”. I hate to say it, but I really enjoyed these two films.
The on-screen chemistry between Martin Lawrence and Will Smith was brilliant, whilst the action sequences and storyline were somewhat entertaining.
I haven’t seen them since I was young, but I can remember enjoying them quite a lot.
Given Bay’s recent form in directing, I feel as though a third “Bad Boys” will not get the same reaction as my 12 year-old self…



4 – Bill & Ted 3

It’s about time Keanu Reeves did something again. The rumour of a third Bill and Ted whacky adventure doesn’t sound all that radical, but at least Reeves isn’t making another Matrix…
This is yet another sequel that could fall into the trap of having too big of a time frame between films, but then again, the characters and story can allow for this and still produce something quality.


Talent Names -

5 – Blade Runner 2

Having not seen the original in it’s entirety it’s hard to comment on this.
Yet all I can say is that once again, an extensive chunk of time will separate the original from the second.
With “Blade Runner 2”, it would be 32+ years between films. In my book that is far too long! Give it up Hollywood!



6 – Cars 3

“Cars 2” was a complete mess. The first film was yet another of piece of Disney Pixar brilliance, yet the follow up severely under performed.
Yet announcement of the third is not too distressing; the franchise just needs a decent service and I’m sure it can come good again!
If the story is once again more localised, it can save itself and return to the former glory of the original.



7 – Dodgeball 2 

This could work, but a the same time it could fail. It will be box-office success without a doubt, and it would be good to see Vince Vaughn star in something half-decent for a change.
The first film was quite enjoyable; Ben Stiller was great as the antagonist, which leads me to wonder if he’ll be in the sequel.
He most likely would be, but perhaps he’d play a slightly smaller role, leaving the main villain spot open for someone else to rise up to the challenge.


8 – Scarface

No matter what happens regarding this abysmal choice of a reboot decision, one thing can remain certain. That is, that the original (which is in fact a remake of a 30’s film) will be affected greatly. This is tragic news.
Who could outdo Al Pacino?! Who is worthy of playing such a notorious role?!
The short answer is nobody.
One other thing that is a certainty is that a generation of youngsters will NOT be putting “Scarface” reboot posters up in their room.
Will they redo “say hello to my little friend”?! 

Just leave it alone!



9 – Ms. Doubtfire 2

I don’t know why, but I always saw this coming. Robin Williams is an exceptional talent, and the original “Ms. Doubtfire” was a brilliantly touching tale.
The sequel could potentially work, but it really doesn’t seem to be a necessity. It even has the potential to flop at the box office! I’d stay away personally.



10 – Zoolander 2

This makes me sad, it really does.
Hearing that Ben Stiller and Owen Wison are planning a sequel to one of the best films of the 00’s is heartbreaking.
It’s heartbreaking because too much time has passed for the second instalment to add any continuity, freshness and excitement around the original.
I can see the plot being something about retired male models who cannot match their former selves in terms of looks and presence. It may be funny and enjoyable, but no, no, it cannot happen!
Too often have we seen a sequel arrive over a decade after the original and too often have seen them crash and burn. I honestly hope that something comes up to discontinue the production of this film.



11 – Star Wars: Episode VI

We all know that this is coming. I for one am not all that excited by the forthcoming seventh episode, I’m not a Star Wars fan myself.
JJ Abrams has been a lifelong fan of the series, so we will no doubt do a respectable job when undertaking one of the most prestigious and pressure packed roles Hollywood.
Again, this is a highly unnecessary sequel that could ultimately prove detrimental to the entire franchise and Abrams himself. Having said that, it could potentially break box office records…



12 – Horrible Bosses 2

The trailer was recently released for this, and it didn’t look as appealing as the original. “Horrible Bosses” looked to be a film that was a stand alone, singular feature that didn’t require a sequel, but alas, it’s arrived.
Kevin Spacey and Jennifer Aniston return which makes me feel like nothing much else will be offered, even with new comer Christopher Pine featuring. Having said that, Christoph Waltz, a personal favourite is taking part, so there is a glimmer of hope. This one is on the fence for me at this stage, only time will tell.



13 – Indiana Jones 5

It has been rumoured that Robert Pattinson would play Indiana in the latest instalment. Whether the film will be a sequel, prequel or reboot is up in the air according to some sources; either way, this appointment will be a train wreck. Even if Harrison Ford is on board for this, it would still be awful, given his age and the awfulness of “The Crystal Skull”. This should not go ahead!



14 – Shrek 5

No! Please! No more!

We all loved and adored the original “Shrek”, some of us even enjoyed the second. But most of us gave up after that, choosing to not even bother with the third and fourth chapters of the tarnished series.
If “Shrek” was left alone as a singular animated classic (we all know that couldn’t have happened…), it would have been perfect.
Sadly it’s not the world we live in where things are simply left alone, hence why a fifth “Shrek” is looming…



15 – The Amazing Spider-Man 3

Once again we find ourselves anticipating a third Spider-Man film. We all know how “Spider-Man 3” turned out, and before we got the chance to express our rage about the jazz/suit scene alone, we find ourselves experiencing a half decent reboot with two instalments already.
“The Amazing Spider-Man 2”
was an awful film with no character development, no originality and a crammed nature.
Not only did the trailers give 2/3 of the story away, it fell into the trap of having 3 villains in the one film. The last film to do that was ironically, “Spider-Man 3”
The exciting feature that is being subtly eluded to is the inclusion of the infamous Sinister Six.
If that all goes through successfully, the second instalment could very well he saved.



16 – The Penguins of Madagascar

I never saw the follow-up “Madagascar” films, they didn’t tickle my fancy all that much.
The first “Madagascar” was great; the animation techniques, the charters and the story itself were enjoyable and exciting.
The penguins were probably the best part of the film, but I feel as though they’re going to be overdone and blown up way too far.
The trailer for this spin-off looked funny, but seeing 90+ minutes of these little critters may wear off quite quickly.


The Wolverine

17 – The Wolverine 3

By “The Wolverine 3”, I mean the third Wolverine spin-off. Hugh Jackman gets enough Wolverine screen time as it is.
Furthermore, his offshoot films proved unsuccessful and obsolete. The last thing the “X-Men” franchise needs in arguably the height of it’s popularity is another Wolverine film.
He’ll get enough of a go in “X-Men Apocalypse”. 



18 – Ted 2

Seth MacFarlane has not established himself as a credible director. He has starred in, directed and written two pretty awful films to kick off his directorial career and now, rumour has it that his third feature will be a sequel of his debut crude-fest, “Ted”. There is appeal for a sequel with “Ted”, but we all know what we’re going to get with MacFarlane; 90 minutes of one-dimensional crudeness, political incorrectness and shock humour.



19 – Jurassic World

“Jurassic World” actually seems quite tantalising. With CGI effects at an all time high and endless possibilities with the franchise, the latest instalment could match the original in many ways. Just like “Rise of the Planet of the Apes”, there is proof that reboots and modern day instalments can be very successful. There will be a lot of thought going into “Jurassic World” and my expectations will be at a high level. Still, there is a lot riding on this. If it is a flop, the franchise will most likely be put to rest.



20 – Dumb and Dumber To

Lets face it, the trailer looked awful. It had it’s moments, but the outlook for “Dumb and Dumber To” seems pretty bleak. So far, the most humorous feature of the film has been it’s title. Jeff Daniels and Jim Carrey are highly gifted and commendable actors that will undoubtedly give it their all in this long awaited sequel, however, I’m not expecting much else.



21 – Clerks III

“Clerks” was brilliant, original and brave. It had a touching backstory and sparked several films that were inspired by Kevin Smith’s determination. The second was highly disappointing.
Being in colour, utilising high-end cinematic techniques and more or less dumbing itself down saw “Clerks II” take away a little bit of respect for not only the original, but Smith himself.
It’s understandable that with a high finical backing, the possibilities are more extravagant, and with the upcoming “Clerks III” being rumoured to be Smith’s last hoorah, something tells me that he will go out with a bang…
Personally, I can’t wait!



22 – The Inbetweeners 2

How to make “The Inbetweeners” film ten times worse……put them in Australia!
The television show as brilliantly witty and uncomfortably crude, but it worked so well.
Each character was great in their own way and worked off one another hilariously well. The film therefore generated some excitement and keenness.
After witnessing one of the worst films of the past decade, it’s fair to say that the second “Inbetweeners” film is looking like it will follow suit, and then some…



23 – Men in Black 4

“M.I.B.III” offered something new to the series, or at least it did until Jay went back in time.
The element of time travel made the third instalment feel like a prequel rather than a sequel, not producing anything new.
Hopefully the fourth film can offer up something similar to the first two. Having said that, Tommy Lee Jones is getting on a bit…



24 – Zombieland 2

This is one of the few films on the list that could prove to be a success. The original “Zombieland” was brilliant! It was a totally unexpected success that was fun, new, satirical, well shot, well structured and featured a fantastic Bill Murray cameo, what more could you want?!
It ended on a satisfactory note, but it can easily be picked up once again. If the original cast return for another crack, “Zombieland 2” could be one of the better sequels to arrive in the next 5 years.
It should also be mentioned that following the viewing of 2014’s “The Double” my level of respect for Jesse Eisenberg has…. doubled!


25 – Sharknado 2: The Second One

……..I have nothing to say about this. The title makes me angry enough.

I dread seeing this, let alone reviewing it.


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