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The Legend of Hercules – 2014


If there is one genre of film that has continued to disappoint through its misrepresentation, false depictions and melodramatic nature, it would be the ancient mythological epic.
The works of Homer, Sophocles and Euripides to name a few, have provided the source material necessary to create a grand, captivating adventure tale; yet sadly, Hollywood continue to fail, time and time again producing feature films nothing short of utter garbage.
Renny Harlin has provided yet another atrocity to add to the list; “The Legend of Hercules”

An origin story of one of ancient Greece’s most important and renowned heroes, “The Legend of Hercules” is 90 minutes of glorified tripe that cost $70,000,000US to make.
It is infuriating to think that $70million could have gone towards something important and meaningful instead of this insult to cinema and ancient Greek mythological history.
“The Shawshank Redemption”, the best film ever made according to some, had a budget of $25million; enough said.
“The Legend of Hercules” is so ridiculously unoriginal, it is truly hard to watch. There is honestly nothing to appreciate, entice or praise within this film, rather, it takes us nowhere, it alienates us and quite frankly, offends us no end.


Hercules himself, Kellan Lutz (the beefed up sparkly vampire from “Twilight”) has the emotional range of a slice of bread.
With his chiselled physique and overall heroic build, Lutz seem to have got the gig simply through his appearance alone. His acting is so painstakingly wooden, it’s like watching a high school drama monologue gone wrong every time he opens his mouth.

The dialogue and line delivery are cringeworthy. Watching endless hoards of d-grade actors deliver an f-grade script becomes tiresome after about 30 seconds and gets increasingly frustrating as the film progresses.
There seems to be a new obsession when creating a mythological epic nowadays, and that is to emulate “300” as best as possible.
“The Legend of Hercules”copies the technique of super slow-motion in amongst quick-fire action sequences, yet it fails to produce anything impressive.
The continuous shots of endless slow-mo, heavily choreographed fight sequences in “300” worked so well because they were shot in such a stylised, unique way, it fit in perfectly with the elements of the rest of the film.
When “The Legend of Hercules”attempts to replicate this effect, it fails in spectacular fashion.
Constantly changing back and forth between slow and fast motion can only work on some occasions, but it ended up looking poor, lazy and unprofessional when seen in “The Legend of Hercules”. 


This would be the front runner for the worst film of 2014 thus far. “The Legend of Hercules” is not only an insult to the poor audiences who paid money to see it in the cinemas and the film genre itself; but it is also an insult to the greatest writers of Greek history.
Homer, Plato and Archimedes would be rolling in their graves at the thought of films such as this.
Painful, boring and frustrating to watch, the film includes horrendously sub-par green screen shots and computer generated scenery shots that establish location.
What is most frustrating about “The Legend of Hercules”was it’s budget of $70million.
One would hope in this day and age, that people will see right through a fancy trailer and a strong finical backing; yet apparently not.
Films such as this have taken close to two hours off people’s lives that they will never get back.

Do. Not. See. This. Film.

The 4.2/10 on iMDB should be enough proof as it is…



2 comments on “The Legend of Hercules – 2014

  1. Jordon
    July 6, 2014

    So glad you finally watched it! You had me laughing my head off with your review Billy! Easily the worst film ever made, and the fact that it had a $70 million budget and the green screen was still crap and the animated waves looked like something from a game makes it even more of a joke.

    • wmsteele
      July 6, 2014

      Hahaha! I should put it in the recommended section actually Jordon! Can’t say I’m grateful for the recommendation but I guess I wouldn’t have seen it otherwise 😛

      It is truly disgraceful to think that someone have this film the all clear. It’ll be hard to top this for worst film of the year, but then again, Sharknado 2 is coming haha

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