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Black Dynamite – 2009


There are numerous satirical comedies that are smart, but comparative to the countless satirical comedies that are out there, a small selection are tolerable. The art of satire may very well be one that requires some intelligence, yet there are many that have gotten by on stupidity alone (the Scary Movie’s for instance…)

From director Scott Sanders, 2009’s “Black Dynamite” is a parody and hilarious satirical crime comedy that is smart and incredibly clever; thus, making it side-splitting to say the least, you dig?

Based around the legendary former agent and expert in karate known as Black Dynamite, the film of the same name is a masterclass in satirical comedy, recreating everything from the cinematic 70’s down to the finest detail.
The story is a simplistic tale of redemption and payback, yet the gags, the camera work and the stereotypical music adds so much to the experience of “Black Dynamite”, you can’t look away.


Michael Jai White plays Dynamite and achieves the believability of the larger than life figure without fault.
Aggressive, charming, cool and ultra bad-ass, White’s ‘dynamite’ performance is the strongest element of this hilarious piece.
Capable of some serious acting (as witnessed in “The Dark Knight” when dealing with Heath Ledger’s Joker) White brings his A-game as cool, collected crime-fighting cat.
Line delivery, deliberately awkward fighting routines and the overall presence of White is something to marvel at.

Capturing the essence of the 1970’s superbly, every element in “Black Dynamite” simply works.
The music is perfect; the typical rapid-fire high-hat rhythm, the brass orchestra and the rolling bass-line create the mood and atmosphere required for a smart satirical film; it’s hard not to chuckle at the score itself.


“Black Dynamite” would definitely be one to watch with your mates over a couple of drinks on a laid back evening. It’s fun, easy going, hysterically funny but above all, it’s clever. It is obvious that a lot of care has gone into creating this film to make it appear highly satirical.

Clever, bold and ultra-slick, “Black Dynamite” is brilliant.
Inspired by the legend himself, it’s time to say, “Scram. Scram! I said split! Shake the scene you turkeys! Get out of my sight, I’ll see you jive-ass suckas soon with another review.


Recommended By Seamus Gleeson


2 comments on “Black Dynamite – 2009

  1. Seamus Gleeson
    June 28, 2014

    Excellent review mate.

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