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Bamboozled – 2013


The winner of Australia’s most prestigious short film competition “Tropfest” for December 2013 is “Bamboozled”, a 7-minute piece directed and produced by Matt Hardle.

“Bamboozled” begins humorously and quirkily with a man being greeted on the street by an unfamiliar face. The stranger recognises Pete Hastings straight away and begins to reminisce, all the while Pete tries to figure out who this man is. The ‘man’ turns out to be his ex-girlfriend of 2 years, Hellen. Hellen has had a sex change and is now known as Harry, hence Pete’s confusion.

The pair agree to have a drink together and reflect on their time together; this of course escalates into several drinks, antics, kebabs, laughs and other friendly activities…

The film is shot very well, the music definitely sets the scene and tone of the film, whilst the acting is also highly enjoyable.
Although the narrative is quite adventurous and clever, “Bamboozled” doesn’t really seem to be a ‘winner’. It’s funny and original, but the strong vindictive element that shines through is quite disconcerting and overly un-PC.

It begins well, but begins to bamboozle itself in the second half.



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