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Carrie – 2013

Carrie Poster

Over the years, audiences have been subject to some of the most harrowing and terrifying horror film monsters. From vampires to werewolves, bloodthirsty aliens to ravenous, vengeful psychopaths; we’ve seen it all. Yet there is one foe that stands supreme. A force so horrible and nightmarish, the victim talley is incomprehensibly enormous. Usually found in packs, dominance and stature play the biggest part in their rampaging slaughter. The capabilities of this antagonist are so mind blowing, many live in fear for the entire period of their early adolescence. The heinous villain in question are of course, teenage girls…
Unfortunately for them; Hit Girl knows how to kick some teenage butt!

The age-old tale of torment, humiliation and serial redemption “Carrie”, tells the story of a teenage girl of the same name.
A contemporary version of the 1970’s horror classic, 2013’s “Carrie”, starring Chloë Grace Moretz is based around Carrie White, a shy, distanced and socially awkward girl struggling with the terrors of high school life. Bullied, shamed and scorned upon, Carrie faces this routine on a daily basis and is downtrodden by the majority of the school.

Julianne Moore stars in Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures and Screen Gems' CARRIE.

Dealing with a shocking life at home with her troubled mother Margaret (Julianne Moore), Carrie simply cannot win. There is no salvation for her and the stress, anxiety and tension begins to boil up extensively as the drama increases at home and at school. Her mother is a heavily religious woman with stern, strict and unrelenting values. She is aware of her daughter’s telekinetic powers and watches her grow up to an age where she discovers these abilities for herself. Margaret is quite extreme in her actions; she is psychotic, obsessive and ultra-protective towards Carrie, and as her powers begin to grow, the conflict between Carrie and Margaret becomes quite engaging and strong.

The story of “Carrie” is one that we all know quite well. 2013’s version is more of a “re-imagining” as opposed to a out and out remake, or at least that is how it it was advertised. The only notable difference between the two (having not even seen the original in full), is the inclusion of social media as the primary source of Carrie’s humiliation.


The revenge sequence is big, dramatic and powerful, along with excessive gore and overblown violence. The extravagance and savageness of the deaths is quite pleasant to see, given the torment these awful people put Carrie through, but the deaths are so ridiculous at points, they seem to be inspired by the “Final Destination” franchise or something similar.

Having recently watched “The Fault In Our Stars”, it was odd to see Augustus himself, Ansel Elgort playing Tommy Ross, a character whose ark turns him into a carbon copy of Augustus Waters in many ways. Obviously not being terminally ill with cancer and instead, finding himself initially tormenting poor Carrie, the changes in Tommy, blended with the mannerisms, idiosyncrasies and subtleties that Elgort expresses within the character are so similar to Augustus Waters, that it is hard to differentiate between the two.


The decision to make another “Carrie” seemed completely money-oriented. There didn’t seem to be a strong enough reason otherwise to create a near-precise replica of the original, which was to many, a successful film in itself. Chloë Grace Moretz is quite a talented actress; she gives a great performance as the lead, plus her chemistry with Julianne Moore is disturbing but excellent.

The film is not frightening or affecting in many ways, but it isn’t a bad horror film. Character development and change are presented pretty well throughout the film, whilst immense sympathy is felt for Carrie herself. The ending is brutally passionate and well made, but it just lacks originality and is obviously all about making immense profit at the box-office.


Recommended By Alise Dolly

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