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21 Jump Street – 2012


Franchise re-imaginings are nothing new, but good re-imaginings are somewhat uncommon. Loosely based off the 80’s television program of the same name, “21 Jump Street” is a big screen modernised. Starring Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum in a film about partying, high school and everything in between, this looked like something that would have no plot, no structure and lazy comedy throughout. This is completely incorrect. Grossing $138million, “21 Jump Street” is delightful and shocking, tall the while being incredibly funny!

Schmidt (Hill) and Jenko (Tatum) were high school associates, but not friends. Jenko was the beefed-up jock whilst Schmidt was the brace-faced, flair-repping geek nicknamed “not so slim shady”. When they bump into one another some 10 years later at a police academy, the two learn to work off one another’s talents. Jenko shows Schmidt how to increase his braun and manliness, whilst Schmidt helps Jenko academically.
From that moment onwards, a cliche ‘buddy cop’ setup is established.

21 jump street

Not enjoying themselves on duty due to the underwhelming dullness their appointed tasks, the pair are assigned the job of posing as undercover high school students and investigating a new gateway drug doing the rounds amongst the reckless youths.
They soon learn just how old they are and how much times have changed by the varying sub-cultures unbeknown to them and the manner of acting around one another.

Why “21 Jump Street” is a successful comedy really comes down to the fact that it is self aware. The film don’t take itself seriously and doesn’t try overly
hard to be funny.

There are many moments of satire, goofiness and slapstick throughout the film, yet what seems to get the most laughs is the line delivery, contrast and uniqueness “21 Jump Street” displays. Rob Riggle is an incredible performer in his supporting role, offering countless laughs with his eccentric nature, while the two leads in Hill and Tatum cooperate so incredibly well and work brilliantly off one another.

There is action, car chases, profanities explosions, guns, drugs, partying and cops; “21 Jump Street” has it all, along with many, many laughs. There are a few character inconsistencies, but that is forgivable, given the laid back attitude of the narrative itself. For a reboot of a franchise that more or less is nothing to do with the original, “21 Jump Street” was definitely a pleasant surprise.

P.s. the cameos in the final act are a fantastic touch.



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