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Ted – 2012

ted poster

It was only a matter of time before self-obsessed, crude, opinionated and controversial producer and creator of “Family Guy” Seth MacFarlane brought his antics to the big screen. The biggest fear when anticipating “Ted” his debut feature, was that his ‘one-trick pony’ identity would cary on into the film, and boy did it ever…

An outrageous spin on a childhood fairytale story, “Ted” is based around the lifelong devotion of a boy to his teddy bear. After a childhood wish is granted, John Bennet’s teddy bear comes to life and serves as his best friend from there on. “Ted” is primarily set in the present day, where we see John (Mark Wahlberg) and Ted (a C.G.I-ed Macfarlane) all grown up and still best of friends. The comparative mood and tone of the film has dramatically shifted from endearing to outright offensive (it takes barely 90 seconds to mention September 11…)


It is obvious through “Family Guy”, “American Dad” and his various spotlight appearances that MacFarlane prides himself on his shock value-based humour. From his unceremonious hosting gigs to his outspoken interviews, MacFarlane is definitely and unashamedly one to push the boundaries. “Ted” complies to his stance on humour and pop-culture tenfold, being even more offensive, derogatory and impertinent.

The narrative is relatively poor and the general feel surrounding the film is that it’s a 100 minute-long episode of “Family Guy”. The dialogue is typical of the Griffin family, Ted even says at one point “No, no, I do not sound that much like Peter Griffin!”. (He really does.)


As far as the plot progression is concerned, “Ted” doesn’t really go anywhere. There is a prominent conflict concerning John being torn between loyalties, however besides that, the real threat or antagonists of the film aren’t very substantial.

“Ted” appears lazy in production, screenplay and narrative, even the bulk of the cast has a strong connection to “Family Guy”. However, laziness is irrelevant; especially when grossing $218,628,680(US). “Ted” was a success, regardless of how many were offended, disgusted and outraged. Sadly, once again, MacFarlane has emerged victorious. It’ll no doubt be the exact same story for his forthcoming follow up, “A Million Ways To Die In The West”…



3 comments on “Ted – 2012

  1. Lise
    June 9, 2014

    a WEALLY GOOD weporrrrrt

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