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George Harrison: Living In The Material World – 2011


The most mysterious and enigmatic member of histories most iconic rock and roll supergroup has been explored and deciphered by arguably the worlds most iconic director. Martin Scorsese enters the macro-cosmical mind of “The Quiet Beatle” George Harrison in a 3 hour “Scorses-umentary” “George Harrison: Living In The Material World”. 

Blending archival and never-before-seen footage of Harrison, “Living In The Material World” is a definitive and in depth exploration of George Harrison. The doco features a plethora of associated figures that were deeply involved in his life and some imagery that has not been seen until now showing the intimate life of Harrison. It digs deep and gets to the core of Harrison and does so in spectacular fashion.


Interlaced footage, interviews and imagery mixed with some of his best musical works, this 208-minute spiritual journey is prodigiously breathtaking to say the least. Featuring present day interviews with the likes of Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Dhani Harrison, Julian Lennon, Tom Petty, Jeff Lynne, Eric Clapton, Eric Idle, Terry Gilliam and many, many more, the life and times of the reclusive Beatle are recalled, remembered and retold in respectable and heartwarming way.

Set over two discs, “Living In The Material World” is structured and edited in typical Scorsese style. Beginning chronologically with the early years, Harrison’s heavily influenced and vulnerable life is explored thoroughly, and it is surprising just how big a step he took so early on in his life. From Germany to Australia, Harrison’s career is bottled up and analysed marvellously from all angles.


As the documentary progresses, Harrison’s involvement with love, music, spirituality, drugs, religion and everything in-between are conversed about with those who knew him best.
Scorsese doesn’t hold back, showcasing Harrison’s ups and downs in full. We get insights into his family life, his home(s), his influences and his mind.
There are some heavily insightful snippets of footage form interviews that demonstrate how special and unique this man truly was. Wit, intelligence, humour, sagaciousness and emotion are all exhibited, and they all combine together to form a thorough representation of George Harrison.


This is a remarkably pure and in depth exploration of a young man influenced by freedom, spirituality and transcendency. He was an activist, a purist, a realist but at the same time he was a believer.

Heavily religious, philanthropic, free spirited and unique, George Harrison was one of the most mysterious musicians to have ever lived and was a supreme talent. His music is timeless and his legacy, influence and contribution to the musical world was simply phenomenal.
Scorsese has succeeded without fault in documenting the life and times of this triumphant individual, “Living In The Material World” is simply perfect.



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