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Wreck-It Ralph – 2012


If there’s one thing that the average filmgoer can bet their money on; it’s that the masterminds at Disney & Pixar will never fail to produce on-screen magic, in every sense of the word. Their films are just so clever in so many ways and the characters, locations and everything else in between is simply phenomenal.

2012’s “Wreck-It Ralph” is not just another Disney masterpiece, it is a heartfelt tearjerker mixed with hysteria, humour and substance.
Ralph, a classic video game villain whose job is to demolish a building day-in, day-out begins to grow sick and tired of his life as the stereotypical bad guy.


Beneath the surface, Ralph is a big friendly giant whose intentions are good. The townsfolk of the video game, including the game’s hero Fix-It Felix always seem to celebrate and congregate without Ralph. He is cast out, under-appreciated and lonesome on his gigantic pile of bricks that he calls home.

After inviting himself into Felix’s party which just so happens to be a celebration of the game’s 30th anniversary, Ralph is reminded of his purpose in life, to be a villain and nothing more. Not accepting this, Ralph embarks on a journey to win a gold medal and to prove to these townsfolk that he is capable of being the good guy for once, but he soon learns that messing with structure, formatting and programming can have dire consequences. Subsequently, Ralph journeys into foreign arcade games and experiences several different climates, variables and emotions along the way.


Is “Wreck-It Ralph” a Disney/Pixar film? It’s definitely Disney, and the style, characters and feel of the film all elude towards Pixar, however the logo is nowhere to be seen in the credits or the promotional poster.
To the unsuspecting eye, “Wreck-It Ralph” is just another instalment in the Disney/Pixar universe, yet while it may look and feel like a collaborative effort, it appears this is purely Disney, just as “Tangled” was supposedly an entirely Pixar-based project. Either way, as long as one of these industries have something to do with a film, there’ll be no complaints here!

As with any animated film, the cast if voices is superb. John C. Reilly is accompanied by names like Jane Lynch, Sarah Silverman, Alan Tudyk, Jack McBrayer and Ed O’Neil. It’s fascinating to think just how many comically suited voices belong to big-name Hollywood talent. There are some questionable voice allocations to particular characters (Lynch took a while to be fully convincing as someone other than Sue Sylvester), but ultimately, as the characters develop, so does the audience’s engagement with the story and characters themselves.


The primary factor about the animated world of Disney/Pixar that is most impressive is the thought, effort and cleverness that go into creating each incredible film.
A select handful of features that were incredibly clever about “Wreck-It Ralph” included “Game Central Station”– a power board that connects each arcade game, “Diet Coke hot springs with stalactites made of Mentos”, “Nesquick Sand” – another dangerous element in the “Sugar Rush” game and the first person shooter character, which is simply a television with a robotic body.

If there were to be any qualms about the film (and it’s really a non-issue anyway) it would be that the idea of different universes or worlds all being connected via a singular hub (Game Central Station) is quite similar to “Monsters Inc.”

Having said that, it is only after hindsight kicks in that this is thought about. The way “Wreck-It Ralph” plays out and is constructed, the idea is similar but ever so original at the same time.

“Wreck-It Ralph” is an incredible journey that promotes themes of acceptance, first impressions and belonging, all the while being heavily touching, inspiring, emotional and enjoyable. This is simply another one to add to the marvellous resume of Disney (and or Pixar), you simply cannot lose with them.



One comment on “Wreck-It Ralph – 2012

  1. Josh
    June 18, 2014

    Awesome Movie for all under the age of 35

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