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The Amazing Spiderman – 2012

The decision to re-boot the Spiderman franchise so soon after the Tobey Maguire trilogy crashed and burned thanks to the tragic third instalment felt rushed, forced and money-motivated (what isn’t these days?). Reboots are risky given their perception as either something to ‘cover up’ for past atrocities or as something to ‘re-ignite’ a story that should have been left alone; take “Robocop” for example.

As with any new spinon an old story, it has to start from the beginning. The problem with something like Spiderman is that every body knows the basic origin story of Peter Parker and the radioactive spider bite that gives him animalistic like traits. 2012’s “The Amazing Spiderman” adheres to the simple origin plot unwaveringly; and while it satisfies the passionate comic-book enthusiasts, the everyday audience members experience a great sense of deja vu.

It is easy to see why the Spiderman franchise was re-imagined (well, re-made at least), given the money-obsessed era we live in and the backlash from having Tobey Maguire strut down the street clicking his fingers (if you haven’t witnessed this scene, you must). The villains from the first 2 “Spiderman” films from 2002 & 2004 were well crafted and substantial, whereas the 3rd instalment attempted to tackle 3 villains in the one film, leaving no time for development or progression. “The Amazing Spiderman” keeps it simple, 1 villain with a good back story.


Andrew Garfield is a better suiting Peter Parker; there’s just something highly unlikeable about Tobey Maguire which is hard to pin-point. The look of garfield fits the image of the youthful, tall and rebellious Parker, whereas Maguire was an outright geek who couldn’t look angry if he tried. Martin Sheen is a great Uncle Ben while Sally Field plays Aunt May exceptionally well too. The magnificent Rhys Ifans as Dr. Curt Connors is great, yet his character seemed to jump from one emotion to the next all to rapidly which was a let down unfortunately.

The strangest moment that was taken from “The Amazing Spiderman” was Irrfan Khan’s character Rajit Ratha speaking to Curt Conners about one, Richard Parker. This is not the first time Khan has spoken of Richard Parker in a film. 2012’s “Life of Pi” too has a Richard Parker, except in “The Amazing Spiderman”, Khaan is not referring to a ferocious Bengal tiger on a boat…


For some mindless fun and exciting action sequences, “The Amazing Spiderman” delivers more so than its predecessor from 2002. The villain probably is not as strong as “Spiderman”s ‘Green Goblin’, however the effects are much bolder and on a far grander scale. With a great new cast, fine attention to detail and some very impressive performances, “The Amazing Spiderman” isn’t fantastic, but it sure beats “Spiderman 3”. 

What the film lacked the most was the appearance of J.K Simmons as J. Jonah Jameson, the eccentric journalist for The Daily Bugle; the initial franchise’s best charter by a country mile. If the reboot franchise wants to surpass the original completely, Jameson MUST make an appearance in the up coming sequel, “The Amazing Spiderman 2”.



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