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One Night The Moon – 2001


The lengthy car trips of my childhood were accompanied primarily by the sweet and enchanting vocals of Paul Kelly, one of the best singer/songwriters to emerge from Australia. His songs are timeless and his status is legendary; Kelly is a one-of-a-kind talent. Seeing him act however, generates a different sort of reception…

2001’s “One Night The Moon” is a 60-minute musical set in the Australian outback in the 1930’s that follows a search party on the hunt for a missing girl. Kelly plays Jim Ryan, an alcoholic racist who’s dismissal of assistance offered by a local Indigenous man is ultimately detrimental to himself. His singing voice is as good as ever, yet his acting realm is rather limited.


Musicals aren’t always the most favourable of genres, yet what makes “One Night The Moon” different to some is the sync-sound singing that is utilised at points throughout the film; even though some of the actor’s voices aren’t perfect, it still beats listening to the squeaky, overly perfect and electronically altered trash from something like “Glee”.

Addressing issues of race, family, love and prejudice, “One Night The Moon” packs several deep and powerful issues into a short period of time. With pleasant jingles, powerful ballads and meaningful lyrics throughout, the film covers many emotional bases.

A decent story that exhibits the vast and scenic Australian bushland from it’s gritty surface to it’s mystical auras. For a musical, “One Night The Moon” isn’t boring or alienating, it maintains a constant level of control and interest, furthered by the presence of the great Paul Kelly as we’ve never seen him.


Recommended By Seamus Gleeson


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