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The Darjeeling Limited – 2007


3 brothers travel to India in an attempt to rekindle their relationship and have a spiritual experience. Wes Anderson’s fifth full-length feature is yet another quirky, edgy and delightfully contemporaneous tale that is so eloquently crafted in Anderson’s unique style.

Taking place on a train for the majority of the film, “The Darjeeling Limited” is indeed, limited, to where it can go in terms of character development, plot progression and excitement, yet once again, Anderson succeeds admirably by producing a high level of engagement for the most part of the journey.


The cast (no new surprises here), including Owen Wilson, Adrien Brody and Jason Schwartzman each bring something different to the table, and each brother’s story is delved into equally and thoroughly. With a vast backstory to be established and certain past events re-emerging, “The Darjeeling Limited”, though at times very funny, possesses some dark and saddening undertones.

Not quite as enjoyable as some later pieces such as “The Grand Budapest Hotel” or “Moonrise Kingdom”, “The Darjeeling Limited” to it’s credit, does offer up something completely new and original. It’s funny, sad, even devastating at times; all these elements combine to create a wonderful and delightful journey that focuses on expansion, discovery and brotherhood.



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