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Enemy – 2013


After the immense, enthralling, deep, dark and disturbing tale “Prisoners” was named my ‘Best Film of 2013’, it was only fair that Denis Villenvue’s latest picture “Enemy” would be surrounded by hype, excitement and unfortunately an unrealistic expectation level. Thankfully (but not surprisingly) it was anything but a disappointment!
“Enemy”, starring Jake Gyllenhaal is a dark, twisted and mind-bending film dealing with themes of duality, identity and spiders!

Adam, a messy and dull history teacher is recommended a film from a co-worker one afternoon and upon watching this film, he notices that an actor playing a small part of a lobby boy looks exactly like him. Disturbed by the identical and uncanny resemblance, Adam becomes obsessed this man, renting out his filmography and attempting to track him down.


The synopsis sounds straightforward, it’s easy enough to understand. “Enemy” is anything but straightforward. From the surrealist-style imagery, the non-linear structure of the narrative and even to the spiders, “Enemy” stems much, much deeper than the brief synopsis aforementioned, however describing exactly how it does this would risk revealing crucial information about the film.

What is worth mentioning however, is the part that symbolism plays in the overall understanding of the film; it is expected that it will not make sense upon first viewing, it could (well…most likely will) alienate the audience completely, so much so that they won’t even begin to consider trying to delve deeper into this film and it’s meaning.

Enemy 2

For a full understanding on what it all means, multiple viewings are required. We all have our theories, some more plausible than others, but all that can be said about “Enemy” is that there is nothing simple about it at all, it will confuse, perplex and bewilder you no end.

“Enemy” is simply another masterpiece that can be added to Villenvue’s marvellous and excitingly prolific filmography that twists, turns and mystifies it’s audience, yet is also so captivating, transfixing and fascinating; it’s a must-watch for film film-buffs!



One comment on “Enemy – 2013

  1. Billy
    April 16, 2014

    Thees ravews r grate! Yor a talented ravewer. Cen yu pls ravew my favret film? Its a hom muvie me mum mayde.

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