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The Top 5 Adam Sandler Films

It’s the inaugural “Top 5 List” for Actors! However kicking it off is Adam Sandler, someone who luckily has 5 or 6 good films to his name at most!


So without further a do, here are my Top 5 Adam Sandler films:


1 – Happy Gilmore (1996)

Without a doubt Sandler’s standout role. This is and will continue to be not only one of my favourite comedies of all time, but one of my favourite films of all time. Growing up with this classic, experiencing Sandler at his prime, (before “Grown Ups” came along) brought me so much joy and entertainment as a teenager, and it still does to this day!

Happy Gilmore is a mediocre hockey player who can’t catch break. He has a terrible statistic record and a history of violent acts, carried out on the ice skating rink. He decides that he can utilise his strength on the golf course and decides (with mentoring form former champion Chubbs Peterson) to join a PGA tour to raise money so that he can save his grandmother’s house from being taken from her.

It’s not only hilarious, but it’s quite a heartfelt, emotional picture that focuses on the adoration and love Happy has for his grandma which is saying something when talking about Adam Sandler!


2 – Billy Madison (1995)

Coming before “Happy Gilmore” chronologically, “Billy Madison” (again having the protagonist’s name as the title) follows Billy, the son of an exceedingly wealthy family that is forced to return to and complete his schooling degree in order to inherit his father’s hotel business. He embarks on his journey starting at the bottom, and progressively works his way up through years of education, two weeks at a time.

Exhibiting the classic Sandler mannerisms and loud mouth attitude with classic lines like “Stop looking at me swan!” and “t,t,t,t,t,Today junior!”, “Billy Madison” is another highly amusing comedies, again, produced during Sandler’s prime.


3 – Big Daddy (1999)

Compared to the first two, “Big Daddy” shows that Sandler can play a maturer character (to an extent). Sonny Koufax attempts to impress his girlfriend by adopting a child, Julian ‘Frankenstein’ McGrath, played by BOTH Cole and Dylan Sprouse (yes, they’re identical twins).

This one has it’s moments of sadness thorn in, but ultimately it’s another fairly funny flick that again includes a young Sandler and a feature from Rob Schneider that is actually decent.

click4 – Click (2006)

Definitely the most unique, uncommon and bold film of the Top 5. “Click” at first appears to be yet another stupid Sandler mediocre comedy, however, it’s refreshingly exciting.

It seems hard to believe, but the first time I watched “Click”, I balled my eyes out. Seeing Michael Newman’s (Sandler’s) greediness, hubris and naivety overcome him and his emotional state leading up to the end of the film was a real tearjerker. Having said that, there are classic Sandler fart jokes and excessive yelling guts thrown in to keep everyone grounded.


5 – The Longest Yard (2005)

Sandler’s lowest ranked iMDB film out of the 5, with a 6.3/10. It is definitely one that most would disregard, given it’s silly plot amongst other things. Yet “The Longest Yard” for me was released when I was at the ideal age and I appreciated it more and more as i watched it time and time again. It definitely has moments and the vast array of characters mixed with a classic revenge plot makes this remake a great, mindless, modern comedy.


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