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Seven Psychopaths – 2012


Marty is a screenwriter, yet he’s finding things very difficult; he has an idea for a script but requires help in bringing it to life. He seeks assistance from friends and acquaintances close to him and as a result, “Seven Psychopaths – The Script” begins to blossom. However, it’s not as simple as that, it never is, especially with an ultra-violent black comedy.

The way “Seven Psychopaths” escalates and the way the convoluted characters (each more psychotic than the last) scatter the plot and somehow manage to break certain Hollywood codes, conventions and formulas is remarkably clever and fantastically unique.

The cast is superb; lead by Colin Farrell and Sam Rockwell (the film’s standout performer), blended with delightful doses of Christopher Walken and Woody Harrelson which helps assemble a marvellous group of original and diverse characters, all of which have so much to contribute.


How abruptly and suddenly the plot changes and dramatically swerves out of control is both flawless and hilariously achieved. The chaotic structure of the piece is golden; it’s just so full of energy and adrenalin. How Billy (Rockwell) passionately reads out a proposed screenplay to the panel of Hans (Walken) and Marty (Farrell) while the audience sees the imagined scene brought to life in hysterical fashion is genius; that scene in particular is truly marvellous (I began to cry with laughter…).

The various characters, all revealing a close connection to the “Seven Psychopaths Script” are so diverse and off centre, each one is a joy to watch. Tom Waits is a surprise package, giving a brilliant performance whilst displaying some cool Waits charm; a really brave and risky move that pays off very well. Christopher Walken is at his all time best while Woody Harrelson is also solid as the heavily frustrated Charlie, a gangster that loves his shih tzu more than anything in the world, literally.


A film that was on the radar for quite some time, “Seven Psychopaths” is one of the most original and quirky black comedies of the last decade. A brilliant idea with hilarious protagonists (who are all antagonists in a way) and supporting cast who shine through majestically.

It is a surprising film for a manner of reasons, mainly because of how funny it was, but also because of it’s disappointing and misleading ‘7.2/10’ on iMDB and absence from the Empire 500 Greatest Films List. This is a superb contemporary black comedy that is highly enjoyable and original – a real hidden treasure.



One comment on “Seven Psychopaths – 2012

  1. thisyearinmusic
    May 11, 2014

    I loved Tom Waits in this!

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