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The McConaissance!


Who would’ve thought it, Matthew McConaughey actually possesses the ability to act! The man is entering his 45th year on this planet and has now decided to show the world his extensive range of acting skills!

After all hope was lost on this rom-com stricken, shirtless wonder, I unintentionally have had a ‘McConaughey-Fest’ with films such as“Mud”“Dallas Buyers Club”“The Wolf of Wall Street” and the television hit thriller “True Detective” in reasonably quick succession, and by-gosh, he is incredible!

He is without doubt at the high point of his career, at 45 he not only shows that there is hope for anyone to break out, come to their senses, see the light and show off some pure talent, but it also makes you wonder about who else is out there, deteriorating in dreadful one-trick pony roles day in day out; I know Adam Sandler has tried once or twice to show the world he’s capable of being a respectable serious actor, but are there any that can actually surprise us and change our minds?

What about Seth Rogen? His friends Paul Rudd and Jonah Hill (to an extent) have delivered excellent and commendable performances as opposed to the tripe they have been commonly associated with in the past.


Sure following “Mud” McConaughey went back to his roots in“Magic Mike” and could potentially be seen as a one hit wonder for good, however, his dramatic weight loss for “Dallas Buyers Club”, his hilarious performance in “The Wolf of Wall Street” and the cherry on top “True Detective”, (my newfound favourite television show and highly acceptable replacement for “Breaking Bad”) in which McConaughey is simply at his best, all result in Matthew McConaughey being the front runner for the best performer of the last year by a country mile!

The recent OSCARS ceremony capped off a magnificent 2013 for McConaughey; receiving the OSCAR for Best Actor in a Leading Role for “Dallas Buyers Club”, an award he thoroughly deserved.

Boy can I not wait for Christopher Nolan’s “Interstellar”; just to have McConaughey grace the silver screen with another serious role would be a privilege to experience.

Matthew McConaughey is a world class actor, a phrase that still surprises me when I say it, but nevertheless, one i truly believe. Keep it up!


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