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Triangle – 2009


After a vicious electrical storm capsizes their yacht, a group of friends are saved by a mysteriously empty ship with nobody else on board, besides a gun wielding, mask wearing killer.

The low budget, somewhat poorly acted and unoriginal screenplay make up “Triangle”, a mediocre attempt at a horror/thriller set on the high seas that is based around elements of rebirth, relapse and parallels.

Although it is obvious the film is meant to be taken seriously, it isn’t very gripping or interesting.There are meant to be twists and turns throughout, but this film has been made time and time again to the point where ‘The butterfly effect” so to speak, becomes very difficult to make eye catching and suspenseful anymore.


The role of the autistic son is confusing, apart from the link to repetition and repetitive behaviour, it doesn’t seem necessary and the autism factor doesn’t get established or explored in any particular way. There were commendable points to mention; the CGI, green screen effects are surprisingly strong in quality, especially given the measly $12,000,000 budget.

The film overall is not scary, suspenseful or exciting; it’s reasonably predictable and feels like a gorier version of “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban” set on a boat.



Recommended by: Matt Hingle


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