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This is Spinal Tap (1984) – Classic Review


1984 brought a new style of film and documentary making to the mainstream with Rob Reiner’s original and never before seen ‘Mockumentary’ “This is Spinal Tap”; a behind the scenes look into the life and times of Rock ’n’ Roll’s biggest, grandest and loudest band, at the inevitable downward spiral following their peak of popularity.

Beginning with the announcement of they’re 16th record “Smell the Glove”, ‘Tap’ are like any flamboyant, edgy, big haired, small minded rock band at the time.


The professional documentary style of the film and the outstanding encapsulation of band member’s common traits and characteristics really drives the “moco’s” sense of realism and makes you wish there was actually a “Spinal Tap”.

The soundtrack is genuine and there is evidence of a hard work and effort that has gone into making good and believable rock n’ roll songs with satirical and often hilarious lyrics.


Looking at the band members, it is difficult to look past the likeness to The Beatles at the end of their tether; with a Yoko Ono-like addition to the band, two leading McCartney and Lennon-like frontmen, and rhythm guitarist Dereck Smalls’ (Harry Shearer) uncanny resemblance to Ringo Starr in not only looks, but mannerisms, accent and status within the group.

Overall, we must be thankful for “This is Spinal Tap”, as it paved the way for new forms of genres and styles within the filming industry, bringing an original and thought out idea to the masses. The first of it’s kind, “Spinal Tap”s outstanding satirical nature captures everything from the era and is undoubtedly timeless and incredibly enjoyable.



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