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The Royal Tenembaums – 2001


A dysfunctional family, that primarily revolved around 3 child prodigies are reunited several years later following news of their father, Royal Tenembaum being critically ill.
The prodigies consist of an elite tennis player, a genius and an adopted playwright (Luke Wilson, Ben Stiller and Gwyneth Paltrow) who all have issues of there own; not to mention the rest of the Tenembaum’s…


With a standout cast and definitive performances from Stiller and Wilson brothers (Luke and Owen) or as they’re now known as “The Frat Pack”, “The Royal Tenembaums” is highly entertaining and quirkily humorous.

It’s difficult to not see the almost identical plot and production formula to that of “Arrested Development”, a television show based on a dysfunctional family lead by a troubled father that includes funny narration, complex cast, near-insestual relationships and the overall theme of love through chaos.

The film is stupid, but in an intelligent way. The dialogue is spontaneous and well thought out at the same time, whilst the interaction between these A-list characters including Bill Murray, Danny Glover, Gene Hackman and Angelica Huston is flawless.


With endless subplots and a frantic screenplay; the oddball Tenembaum’s are everything a common, functioning and loving family are not. The film is played out like a book, with chapters, and this addresses several themes throughout the film, however it undoubtedly symbolises how families such as these can only be fictional, at least we hope so.

The stellar cast doesn’t disappoint and there is no doubt that the Tenembaums are up there with the whackiest of families like the Bluth’s, Weston’s, Burnham’s and even the Adams family…



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