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Stand By Me (1986) – Classic Review


Rob Reiner’s “Stand By Me” is an exhibition above all else, demonstrating exactly what true camaraderie and friendship is. The story of four youthful boys searching for a dead body of a boy the same age indicates the meaning of fellowship with it’s contrast in characters, mature themes and the overall sense of belonging and co-dependence demonstrated by the Teddy, Gordie, Chris and Vern.

A plethora of soon-to-be stars, each member of the diverse cast of up and coming talent has their own story to tell, and yet ultimately they share the same goal; to find the body and become heroes, each boy is equally unique and compelling.


The interaction is genuine, given the maturer dialogue and discussion topics, mixed with the use of firearms, the underlying theme of death, change, adventure and the coming of age.

The heartfelt and earnest tale, recounted in past tense from a present day Gordie (Will Wheaton) is mesmerising and ultimately lovely. The performances are incredible for such a young cast, especially that of River Phoenix as Chris, who undoubtedly had the talent to be one of the all time greats, but was taken well, well before his time.

This is the best display of brotherly love benevolence in a long while.



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