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Life of Pi – 2012


A writer is privileged to hear of Pi’s (Irrfan Khan) miraculous and magical journey home following a shipwreck in which he and a close companion are the only survivors; however his so called “companion” happens to be a bengal tiger. Pi’s odyssey was not only life threatening and perilous, but spiritually glorious; a true religious experience.

The story of one man’s survival and determination to return to civilisation has been told countless times, yet Pi’s journey is truly one of a kind.


The tale is brought to life with outstanding visuals and special effects; the beauty and ferociousness of the ocean is amplified stylistically and is given a dream-like sheen, furthering the magical, surreal nature of the journey.

Without doubt the film’s most outstanding character and technical achievement, Richard Parker the bengal tiger is incredibly lifelike. The CGI and intense attention to detail required to bring it to life is absolutely remarkable.


Pi’s adventure is not purely a magical one, although the film overall is very pretty and beautiful, the realism of animals dying due to the survival of the fittest is hard to manage at times and the conflict between Pi and Richard Parker is also sometimes distressing.

“Life of Pi” overall is a spectacle to say the least; beautifully presented and retold with superb acting by Suraj Sharma portraying a young, desperate and helpless Pi.

A technical and visual achievement and a marvellous tale.



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