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Endless Love – 2014


Wow. What a film! What a absolute masterpiece this is. The acting is immaculate, the story is incredibly original and the experience of watching such a perfect film is impossible to do justice through words.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with this valentines day classic!

It’s too difficult to keep on lying; this is the worst film to have graced the silver screen all year to say the least. With every cliche in the book on display in this atrocity, “Endless Love” is truly an abomination.

The acting is pathetic and lazy, the story has apparently been written by an intoxicated chimpanzee and the fact that this monstrosity was funded in the first place should result in those responsible being viciously fired, and perhaps even shamed in front of the general public (who, in all fairness, stupidly paid money to watch this torturous eyesore).


The most cliche American, teenage, high school, overly dramatical story of love and desire has once again been jumbled and horrendously assembled in 90 minutes of garbage; this time going under the title of “Endless Love”.

What is absolutely perplexing is how a film as mind numbingly atrocious as this is sold, created and is able to generate a profit. It is simply unfathomable.

With the only thing to recommend to an audience being NOT TO SEE IT, “Endless Love” is unwatchable, cringeworthy and a must-miss.


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This entry was posted on March 6, 2014 by in Bad Films.
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