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The Railway Man – 2013


Based on a true story, the sheer horrors of war are explored or rather remembered by Eric Lomax (Colin Firth) as he struggles to repress the memories of brutality and barbarity he endured during the war.

These truly awful moments of torture and humiliating dehumanisation are graphically relived as Lomax’s recently wedded wife Patti (Nicole Kidman) curiously seeks information from an old friend and comrade.

Present day Lomax is not only haunted by the pain of his past, he also discovers that a Japanese guard who was closely involved with his torture is alive and working as a tour guide at the same place to torturing occurred.

Truly distressing and wildly powerful, “The Railway Man” is remarkably retold through extended and intense scenes portraying a young Eric Lomax and his horrifying experience working on the Thai-Burma railway.


The daunting and unrelenting graphic nature of the flashback scenes truly drives home exactly how dreadful this moment in history was, it’s a real insight into the sheer horrors of war.

Colin Firth is remarkable as the present day Lomax. His expressions and the honesty in his effortless performance are definitely a highlight for the film, while Nicole Kidman (who I cannot seem to remember when I last saw her in a film) is also spectacular as the gentle soul Patti.

As hard to watch as it was, “The Railway Man” is incredibly emotional, mortifying and truly incomprehensible as a recollection of true events.

Even through all the terror, the torture and grotesque criminal acts of war are scarring and the memory will never be forgotten, perhaps not even fully forgiven, “The Railway Man”s positive message shines through above all else.


One comment on “The Railway Man – 2013

  1. wmsteele
    March 22, 2014

    Hello Billy,
    Just may have to re-view some of these films again, mind you some f them we have never seen and provably should .
    G and J Bibby

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