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Rush – 2013


Sporting films tend to come and go, with a select few being anything special. Films like “Remember The Titans” and “Coach Carter” spring to minds they are more about greater themes and issues that are explored through sport and what is involved with teamwork and fellowship. Ron Howard’s “Rush” is not just a story about the rivalry between two formula one drivers aiming to be crowned world champion, it’s so much more.

Based on the real life rivalry of James Hunt (Chris Hemsworth) and Nicky Lauder (Daniel Bruhl) during the 1970’s, “Rush”, much like the show “Top Gear” makes cars interesting to everybody, even if they have no interest whatsoever.

The behind the scenes look at the life of an F1 Driver and the seriousness of the “sport” so to speak, is emphasised with the film taking place mostly off the track which ultimately means its more engaging, however the race sequences are beautifully shot and constructed.


Petty rivalries only go so far, with cheap remarks and endless banter, taunts and jeers only lasting a short while. Hunt and Lauder’s competing goes this far, and then some, to the point where they depend on one another to compete at their fullest. 

Polar opposites in characteristics, the two are equally difficult to like and admire, yet, they both show commendable qualities at times.

Praise goes to the casting staff, the likeness in appearances to their real life portrayals is quite remarkable, with Hemsworth and Bruhl fitting the looks of Hunt and Lauder exceptionally well. Blending in real life footage of the two from makes it easier to see how alike they are.


A surprise package, “Rush” is a thrill ride that explores the human condition. It is tense, dramatic, emotional, shocking, funny and incredibly exciting. It also includes the line of the year, delivered perfectly by Hemsworth… “Big balls” that is all.




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