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Incendies – 2010


The tremendous powerhouse mystery/thriller “Prisoners” was enough reason to admire French-Canadian director Denis Villeneuve, yet following the thoroughly intense and traumatic thrill ride of the war/mystery/drama “Incendies”, the appreciation for this visionary has increased no end.

Set predominantly in the present day, “Incendies” follows a set of twins who embark on a journey of discovery to fulfil their recently deceist mothers last requests. They set out to find not only their father, but their previously unknown brother as well.


The pair (initially starting with just the daughter Jeanne) travel to the middle-east, to a somewhat fictitious country, which appears to be Lebanon, even though it is ever actually named. From there, mixed with intertwining flash backs of their mothers journey of torture, hardship and exertion, the story unravels in such a staggering way; revelling incomprehensibly dark undertones.

A powerful and hard hitting story, “Incendies”( which translates to ‘the burning of something, often destructive’) deals with issues of war, love, crime, religion, death, survival, self liberation, family, discovery and the contrasts of culture.


It is not for the feint hearted, it’s an unrelenting and honest depiction of different war-stricken societies and eras. The flashbacks are consuming whilst the crescendo of tension that accumulates as the protagonists venture deeper in and closer to the truth is nail-bitingly gripping.

With superb acting, exceptional cinematography and an immaculately well adapted screenplay, “Incendies” is yet another deeply barbaric and captivating foreign film that has furthered the already high levels of respect for Denis Villeneuve.



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