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Her – 2013


Set in the fast approaching, not too distant future where computerised operating systems are beginning to advance in such a way that the line between what is considered reality and what isn’t becomes skewed, writer and recent divorcee Theodore (Joaquin Phoenix) develops a strong relationship with “Samantha”, the computerised operating system that assists him in his daily life in more ways than one…

The film is incredibly clever, and the portrayal of the future is very real, even though there are no indicators of exactly how far from now the film is set.

Society is changing rapidly and what is considered socially acceptable isn’t set in stone as of yet.

There is still human interaction, yet the small cast and limited scenes showing normal, face-to-face conversations are limited, emphasising the inevitable obsoleteness of human to human relationships and more importantly, the increasing dominance and dependence on technology.

This film was going to be made at some point in the not to distant future, with our techno-crazed culture heading rapidly in this direction, a depiction of our own futures was bound to be created sooner or later, and “Her” truly delivers.


The future that is depicted is bleak, smoggy, almost lifeless, with no strong indicators to the date. There are no landmarks to establish location, nor are there any estimations on what transport of any form will look like. Although this could be seen as playing it safe, Spike Jonze’s future is one that is highly plausible.

Phoenix is incredible as Theodore; he is gloomy, alone and sombre most of the time, and the sympathy generated for him is endless. His performance as a sort of guinea pig in many ways is outstanding to say the least.

A negative on the other hand would be Amy Adams; her character is there for multiple reasons, but her performance seemed dull, bland and simply lacking any spark. Scarlett Johansson’s husky voice would personally drive me insane after an hour or two, it’s not pleasant in any way. She does personify Samantha admirably, however perhaps making her voice ever so slightly robotic would cap off the films overall highly realistic feel.

“Her”s strongest point is the screenplay; the endless problems and issues the story addresses cover all questions asked about this obscene but scarily real love story.



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