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Dallas buyers Club – 2013


Set in 1985, “Dallas Buyers Club” tells the story of electrician and AIDS sufferer Ron Woodroof (Matthew McConaughey) and his struggle with dealing with the fatal disease that has left him with 30 days to live.
Desperate and determined, Woodroof fights the legal medical system and begins to push medication unapproved by the FDA as to not only help himself, but fellow AIDS sufferers.

An intense and sorrowful story of hardship and rebellion, “Dallas Buyers Club” deals with issues such as death, money, drugs, sex, disease, social standards and acceptance.

McConaughey shines as Woodroof, especially with the remarkable weight-loss transformation. Woodroof is selfish, rude and openly homophobic. There is little to like about him; yet it’s hard not to sympathise and feel compassion for him. Supporting actor Jared Leto is also powerful as charming but troubled transvestite Rayon, a fellow AIDS victim; an addition to his highly commendable acting resume.

A strong and moving tale, “Dallas Buyers Club” doesn’t hold back in its depiction of the life of an AIDS sufferer and the unrelenting burden life becomes. It’s believable, unsettling, depressing and inspiring.




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