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The Room – 2003


What is a way of getting noticed as a film maker these days? The most likely answer is to create something as magnificent as “The Godfather” or just produce something as timeless as “Psycho” or simply make the next “Pulp Fiction”. Granted, it’s much more difficult than it sounds, however Tommy Wiseau has created something special, a heartfelt drama that has stood the test of time (even though it’s only 11 years old).

2003’s “The Room” has been referred to as “The Citizen Kane of bad movies”; is that something NOT to be proud of?

Johnny (Tommy Wiseau) is a happy man, he has a loving fiancé Lisa (Juliette Danielle) and a caring, brotherly best friend Mark (Greg Sestero).


Set in San Fransisco, “The Room” follows the classic love triangle/drama formula seen in countless soap operas from the late 90’s and early 00’s.

This film is truly awful. The acting is disgustingly bad, the dubbed dialogue is tacky and poorly executed, the screenplay itself is a rough draught played out in what seems to be a filmed and edited dress rehearsal and the scenes themselves are just so gut-wrenchingly terrible, that they’re fantastic…

“The Room” is easily one of the funniest films in a long while, with the strange, unidentifiable accent of Johnny, his grotesquely muscular body, the over dramatised acting from everyone but especially the overall awkward pain the audience feels sitting through it. An example would be replaying the exact same footage of a love scene on two separate occasions; Lazy? Thoughtless? No.

Refreshingly amusing? Absolutely!


Written, directed and starred by Tommy Wiseau, he has been quoted saying that “The Room” is meant to be taken seriously and that it’s not a comedy or a satire in any way. That in itself makes “The Room” that much funnier, as watching it play out, it’s impossible not to see how horrendously crafted it is and the thought of actually believing in “The Room” is truly preposterous.

Having watched it for an excruciatingly painful second time, “The Room”s initial effect has worn off, the awful dialogue and irregular nature of it all is still there, yet it didn’t generate the same reaction as the first time viewing it did.

For how bad a movie it really is, “The Room” is delightfully entertaining; the fact that it is still recognised today as one of the greatest bad films ever made, surely has to count for something.

Tommy Wiseau should be proud of this masterpiece of mediocrity, it makes you appreciate the great films out there but at the same time it draws an audience in unlike any of the classics can, it’s just that bad that it’s good.

Having praised it for more than it probably deserves, it cannot warrant a rating higher than 2/5, after a “critical analysis” of “The Room”, although it was highly enjoyable, the pain and suffering, the torment coming from watching this “quirky black comedy” (an utterly disgraceful euphemism heard in the trailer) is simply too much to bear, let alone for a second time.



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