Billy's Film Reviews.

A series of film reviews and opinion pieces from a second year film student. The bracketed numbers represent the particular film's rating on Empire Magazine's "500 Greatest Movies Of All Time" list. Requests are more than welcomed! Happy Reading!

20,000 Days on Earth – 2014

There sits a man at a typewriter. He is tall and sleek in his seated stature, sharply dressed and poised, ready to write and create. With his slicked, jet black … Continue reading

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The Cut – 2014

Fatih Akin’s latest picture is an emotional adventure epic that is both striking and deeply riveting. “The Cut”, Akin’s sixth major picture and follow up to his most famous work … Continue reading

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Burn After Reading – 2008

Continuing the Coen Brothers marathon that is turning out to be tougher than I imagined given other commitments, comes my favourite picture of the lot. This doesn’t have the popularity … Continue reading

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The Maze Runner – 2014

“You’re not like the others. You’re different”: a phrase that could summarise any protagonist from the new trend of teen-based dystopian book adaptations split into 20,000 different filmic instalments. The … Continue reading

October 17, 2014 · 2 Comments

Se7en – 1995 (#134)

As a child, there was a popular television program that aired before school and that I thoroughly enjoyed.  The program was called “In the box”, a show that’s premise is … Continue reading

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True Grit – 2010

What do Jeff Bridges, Josh Brolin, Steven Spielberg, The Coen Brothers, Matt Damon, Roger Deakins, Carter Burwell have in common? “True Grit”, that’s what! Not quite a remake of the … Continue reading

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Pan’s Labyrinth – 2006 (#132)

We have come to associate accomplished Mexican director Guillermo Del Toro as the man who directed “Pacific Rim” and pulled out of directing “The Hobbit Trilogy”. Let us not forget … Continue reading

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The Equalizer – 2014

As far as ‘coolness’ is concerned, few can trump the one and only Denzel Washington. Not only is this man the epitome of slick, badass and all-round awesome, he’s a … Continue reading

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Drive – 2011

What a year this was. The endless amount of incredible releases made 2011 one hell of a year for films. “Drive”, one of the most enthralling and surprising pictures was … Continue reading

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Wish I Was Here – 2014

To view Zach Braff in a light completely separate from his most notable role of John Dorian is a near-impossible feat; especially when the now-director includes almost the entire supporting … Continue reading

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