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A series of film reviews and opinion pieces from a second year film student. The bracketed numbers represent the particular film's rating on Empire Magazine's "500 Greatest Movies Of All Time" list. Requests are more than welcomed! Happy Reading!

Hot Rod – 2007

There seems to be a modern trend within comedic pictures released in the naughties (or 00’s) that sees genuine, deep, sophisticated humour be pushed aside for loud, random, over-the-top stupidity … Continue reading

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The Top 5 Robin Williams Films

2014 will be remembered amongst other things as the year in which Hollywood lost one of it’s most important and pioneering figures. The life and career of Robin Williams was … Continue reading

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Guardians Of The Galaxy – 2014

 The Marvel cinematic universe has taken a punt, a risk, a gamble. In this day and age where there are certain film formulas that are more or less guaranteed to … Continue reading

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A Most Wanted Man – 2014

Phillip Seymour Hoffman was an incredible man with exceptional talents. Tragically taken well before his time, his last few pictures have been ones that do anything but discredit a man … Continue reading

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Sin City: A Dame to Kill For – 2014

For a sequel that was released almost a decade after the original and was pushed back an entire year, the follow up to one of the most iconic modern neo-noir … Continue reading

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Sin City – 2005 (#264)

The filmic movement known as film noir is one that defined an era in not only cinema, but history. Unique, stylised and sharp, the classics of the era all shared … Continue reading

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The Inbetweeners 2 – 2014

It may appear biased, but when films or television series revert to having their characters travel abroad to Australia, their escapades and antics are more or less generic, unfunny and … Continue reading

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Lucy – 2014

The screening of Luc Besson’s latest picture was a unique and interesting experience. Currently living in Germany, the session that my girlfriend and I attended was dubbed in German – … Continue reading

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What Dreams May Come – 1998

Diversity is Robin Williams’ strong point without question, but the term ‘diversity’ can stand for quite a lot. His acting abilities are diverse, his medium forms are diverse and the … Continue reading

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Dead Poets Society – 1989

If there was a film that demonstrated Robin Williams’ acting abilities for both a comedic and dramatical role, it would “Dead Poets Society”; a picture that explores rebellion, pride, discovery, … Continue reading

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